Friday, August 24, 2007

'So You Think You Can Dance' Kuching

We will never reach the stage of that dance show, but we can shoot our own video for the sake of syok sendiri. It is extremely funny and hope you enjoy it.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Legalization of Euthanasia

This has been a highly debated topic since it was created, and we have no idea when will it end. We had already heard all the points in all discussions. But in the end, no conclusion can be made. What I am interested in, why there are so many countries still refuse to legalize euthanasia?

Legalizing an act doesn’t mean encouraging it. That’s something everyone should keep in their mind. For instance smoking, it is not wrong to smoke but the government always told us smoking is bad for health. Besides, the government sets up lot of rules for the smokers to obey, for example declare non smoking area, children are not allowed to smoke, high tax rate for cigarette companies and etc. And this lead to my second point, an act can be legalized with limitation and regulations. If euthanasia could be legalized, the government can also introduce other rules that accompany it, like only certain eligible people can perform euthanasia, criteria to undergo euthanasia and etc. To further elaborate this point, take a look at legalization of prostitution. In Singapore, prostitution is legal a few years ago, if I am not mistaken. But Singapore still looks as ‘clean’ as it was, because there are many rules behind this legal act. For instance, prostitutes must be above 18 years old, condom must be used in the ‘business’, prostitutes must apply a license and report to health center regularly and etc. We know it’s wrong to have prostitution in the community, but considering other consequences, like increasing numbers of AIDS patients, the government needs to do something. At least legalizing it can protect both prostitutes and the civilian.

Why people need euthanasia? The reason is simple, they need it to save them from torment. That’s their life and they have the right to take control of it. We do know life is precious, but when terminal illnesses and excruciating pain are over patients’ fragile body, shouldn’t we give them the dignity and relieve them from torturous tragedy? Since we already accept animal euthanasia, why should we reject human euthanasia?

There is a very young girl in China, who has congenital disorders that makes her sit on a wheelchair for the rest of her life. She is unable to take care of herself, so she is totally rely on her poor parents to sustain her life. However she still has the ability to type in front of a computer. She has a blog. In her blog, she begs China government to legalize euthanasia because she wishes to die after her parents pass away. Because without her parents, she has no more reason to stay in this world and she doesn’t have the ability to be independent. From the voice of a young girl, is euthanasia her salvation?

If one of our closest, dying family member wishes to take up euthanasia, I know it would be terribly hard to agree with them. To respect their choice, or to show them our love by letting them being tortured, it’s all up to you.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Happy Vacation at Sarawak

Sarawak rocks! My vacation in Sarawak was really awesome, I had so much fun there. Perhaps it was right after our end-of-semester exam, no stress and no worry, what we have to do was just ENJOY. Plus this was my first time visiting Sarawak, my mind only filled with anticipation and curiosity.

This Sarawak trip lasted for 2 weeks, 12 days in Kuching and 2 days in Miri. In Kuching, Aaron as the host, really served us very well (actually it’s his parents and relatives, haha…) by providing accommodation, transportation, entertainment, food and etc. In Miri, James took over the host’s job, also served us like VIP. We took a lot of pictures and videos, created tones of jokes, went to many nice places, consumed uncountable kgs of food and drinks but the most important thing was, we shared the happy moment together.

LCCT, met Lie Joo and Naomi

First time on an airplane, hehe!

Rainforest World Music Festival at Cultural Village (that place is extremely hot)

Orang asli's bridge

Before the show starts, we entertain ourselves

The drinks in Kuching are quite special (and weird), let me introduce 'Teh C peng'

1 layer non Teh C peng

2 layers Teh C peng

3 layers Teh C peng

4 layers Teh C peng

5 layers Teh C peng

Outside of the Muzium Sarawak

Aaron's pool, our only sport in Kuching to lose weight after all the delicious food

Dead fish #1

Dead fish #2

Dead fish #3

The only fish that alive!

Croc Farm with Poh Peng and Ming Lin

Together, outside Croc Farm

Shocked and scared

Pond of flowers

My favourite picture, photographed by Aaron Lai

Private beach at Pugu

'The power of three will set us free', The Charmed & demon

At Bings! Its ice-blended mocha is so much nicer than Starbuck

Finally my cousin Caryn join us!

At Fort Margarita

Vacation is so nice and relaxing!

Building sand castle at Santubang Resort



Jamesy Mui

Trying very hard...

Yea, we made it!

Don't understand what are they trying to do

The Living Room- long house

I like this picture very much coz i look very tall, hehe!

Ming Lin's 21 years old birthday

Outside Muzium Kuching

Inside Muzium Kuching

Jamesy & me

Miri Airport

James's car


Gaze into the blue sky

Aaron looks so cute!

'Siapa yang tak ada buat kerja rumah pergi berdiri luar!' ~St Jo Miri staff room~

Do you notice the word 'time'?

Modelling pic #1

Modelling pic #2

Outside Muzium Petroleum

J.W. Mariot Hotel

Pustaka Miri

Miri City Fan

Lobster at James's Lutong Cafe

Few months ago, we went to So You Think You Can Dance at Ruums, KL

Few months later, we are on the show, hosted by Candy Lee. Video will be releasing soon!

We also travelled around the globe while we were in Sarawak.

Besides travelling, i also had some memorable experience in Sarawak.

Meet up with my pen pal, Lin Hui

Hospital attachment, before enter the operating theater

Not to mention the food in Sarawak is surprisingly tasty, my parents even said i put on weight after the trip, sigh... i guess you can check it out in either James's or Aaron's blog.

Really hope i can go there again!