Sunday, April 27, 2008

IMU Ball Video 2008

This is the official video for IMU Ball 2008, A Sensational Symphony. Hope you all will enjoy watching it. You can get the better quality of the video directly from me.

Monday, April 21, 2008

IMU Ball 2008

Compared to last year ball, yesterday’s ball was considered awesome. Great performance, strategic venue, edible food, pretty guests… one word, wow!
Because we are in sem 5 now, thus this year ball was organized by our batch. Headed by de jun, he formed a team of committee, and I also joined his team and hoped that I could contribute something for the ball. My jobs in this ball committee were mainly backdrop and multimedia. For the backdrop and general décor, I am very glad that Alicia, Kee, Kee Ping, Zi Yun and Kajen were able to lend their hand to get the work done. With them in your working team, seriously you don’t have to worry about anything, haha!

Another job of mine was producing a ball video. Me and aaron really had a hard time in deciding what kind of video we wanted to film as this would be our last amateur video before we leave bukit jalil. This task had no limitation, no genre, no guideline, and all of these actually were quite troublesome. I couldn’t remember how many times we brainstormed just to get idea. But thankfully, we still made it through. We made a music video style of video, with james as the main actor. It was so much fun throughout the whole video making period, we asked leang, ee pian and leong to pretend playing basketball with james; we went all the way to kl sentral to shoot a clip of less than 1 minute; we asked fiona, caryn and kevin to dip themselves into the swimming pool to shoot our first underwater scene. Anyway, thanks to all the people who helped us in making this video, we truly appreciate it. Hope you all will love the video.

Well, I really enjoy making video, and it has been a great experience to work with aaron. It’s kinda sad that we have to end all of these… (emoing)

Back to the ball story, I went to the ball room yesterday around noon time and started to help out. Though there were several obstacles, everything went fine after all. But the most important thing was, everybody enjoyed the ball, and that’s what we asked for. One thing I regretted was, I couldn’t take pictures with some of my friends who attended the ball. Next time I should prepare a name list before the ball, haha!

For IMU Ball 2008, A Sensational Symphony!

First hotel visit (equatorial)

Second hotel visit (parkroyal)

Video filming plus having fun at vista c swimming pool

With artists of our batch, kee ping and kee

With helpful backstage crew, lay queen and szu may

With pretty penang girls, xiao fen, jc and cheng ling

With ipoh friend, kien wei (totally different on that night)

With friends that always care, jane, bee ling, ching mei and james

With classmates since 2005, david and james

With prom king, kevin, and best dressed male nominee, aaron

With the presidents, kajen the src's pres and de jun the ball's pres

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Time is precious

It’s been quite a long time I never update my blog, soon it will be deserted if I don’t force myself to keep it alive. Well, my life here is getting tougher and more challenging, not really a bad thing but I m trying my best to adapt it. Life is hectic, life is hard and yet life is short…

Anyway, don’t let the negative spirit clouds our mood today. I had a great time for the past few weeks, though my study is awfully harder compared to last 2 years. Because of MSK’s anatomy, I found a great study buddy, which is swarna. We memorized Nettler’s flash cards like no one’s business, we created weird pneumonic while we study pathology, but the most memorable experience was when both of us and james studied overnight at Sungai Besi’s McDonald. I don’t really know whether we studied much , but one thing for sure was I had a fantastic time studying with them.

Enjoyable study experience with james and swarna in McD (but bad camwhoring skill, better learn it from kevin soon)

Two days before msk exam, I had a posting in seremban hospital. Nothing special happened on that day, but I got an injury that I tried to hide it from james, coz I know he will scold me as if I am a little kid if he sees the wound.

Wounds at my palm and knee

After msk exam, I went back to Ipoh and had a mini reunion with my whole family. The feeling of home is so cozy and relaxing, plus spending time with my mummy is the best, hehe! Proud to be mummy’s boy.

Picture taken using my mum's new 3G handphone

Time flies, I’d better start working for my ball video.