Sunday, April 25, 2010

Increasing Stress Level

Had a great weekend, couldn't believe it's already over. Long presentation tomorrow, end of paeds exam on tuesday..... gosh, so many things to study, so many things to do, but what i really want to do now, is to zzzzzzz....

My laptop power cord created some smoke and sparkle justnow, luckily my laptop is still functioning and hopefully the adapter is still usable because one adapter costs $90, awfully expensive. So tomorrow i gotta find some time during the day to buy the power cord, really troublesome, sigh!

Wish me luck!

p/s: Happy Birthday to Sin Mei (had a steamboat party in raenna's house in the afternoon, nice food!)

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Kitchen has never been my sanctuary. The most useful thing that i could ever done in a kitchen would probably be peeling the garlic skin and talking to the real cook like my mum and friends. Actually i really enjoy talking to them at that moment, not that i purposely want to deviate their attention, but they seem more chatty when they start cooking. In fact, it's like the best time for them to show off their multi tasking skill and delegating skill by ordering me to do things like, 'bring over the vege', 'pour some water into the pot', 'stir it for me'..... then they will get back to the chatty mode and spill out everything.

But when it comes to me, i'll be shunting everyone out and pay 100% attention to my cookery. Perhaps that's the difference between the chef and the eater, like me, haha!

Last Saturday, me and eng ann decided to cook our lunch together. We definitely want something asian, but what could we possibly cook? So we went to several asian shops and looked for ingredient. Then i saw tomyam paste on the shelf. Suddenly the image of tomyam fried beehon that my mum usually cooks on sunday morning flashed into my mind. My saliva had started drooling just based on the imagination... That's it, i'm so gonna cook that, but how?

None of us know how to cook that dish, but we didn't care and carried on with the plan. And guess what, it wasn't too bad. Of course it wasn't as tasty as my mum's, but we were really satisfied with the outcome. Finally my confidence in cooking has gone up a wee bit, haha!

Few days ago, the caretaker of ymca saw me cooking instant noodle in the kitchen and said, 'you like cooking, don't you?' I looked at her and almost wanted to roll my eye and said, 'not really, it's just i have to eat'. Then she laughed hysterically.

Will try to cook another hometown dish when the craving attacks me again!