Thursday, September 27, 2007

Be thankful, be grateful

M106 Cheerleading Team Venus

For the first time i join cheerleading, and we got 2nd place yesterday, hooray....

It was so much fun to be part of the cheerleading team, everyday dancing, jumping, streching, fake smiling.... Haha, that was really a memorable experience, kinda sad that everything has over. Anyway, thanks to the M106 cheerleading team's 'top hierachy people' for letting a newbie like me to join this year.

However i am still learning how to be a 'plastic' cheerleader as shown in the movie 'Mean Girl'. I know that kind of behaviour is very irritating, but i don't know why i like to look at those girls. Maybe that's my fantasy, haha! Unfortunately none of our cheerleaders are like that, they all look so innocent.

Because of 0.1 mark, Malaysia has risen a rank up from 44th to 43rd on Transparency International's 2007 Corruption Perceptions Index; Because of 0.1 mark, our cheerleading team got pulled down to second place. I finally realize the bitterness of 'so close and yet so far'. It's depressing, especially for those choreographers who squeezed their brain everyday. So i tell myself, it is better than nothing. We should feel glad that we got a silver medal after 2 and a half weeks of hard work. It's considered a big blessing. Be thankful and be grateful of what we own now. No point turning back and sigh.

By the way, exam is coming soon, better start studying now.

Saturday, September 15, 2007


M106 Darts Team

Yesterday our batch, M106 was officially got 4th place in darts competition. Though we weren’t able to get any medal, we did enjoy the competition very much. The feeling of losing a game is sour, but all of us are glad that we made it into semi-final. At least we aren’t the last one overall.

Actually we would have lost in the preliminary round, as none of us practiced before the competition started 1 week ago. I still remember vividly that my last time of playing darts was last year IMU Cup. Of course we lost last year. This year I didn’t expect much either. Thus I kept telling myself that it was really a blessing to win the first round. Thanks to James(our captain), Kajen, Ye Min, Emily, Jia Yu, Kien Wei, Ching Li and Aaron, you all are awesome.

However, there was a senior who lost to us, hate us as if we killed her parents. Come on, this was just a game! The purpose of IMU Cup is to encourage student-student interaction, not creating anger and rage. She did several ‘obvious’ thing to show us her hatred. For example, she wanted us to play semi-final the next day after her batch lost to us; While we were in semi, she 'obviously’ supported our opponent with no reason, she even asked her friend stopped supporting us. Therefore we gave her a nick name, Obvious Girl. I don’t understand how somebody can be so narrow-minded when it comes to game.

Anyway, it was really a good experience to join this competition. Perhaps next time you can see me hitting bull’s eye in pubs.

If I practice frequently, haha!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

随着年龄的增长, 面对的问题也相对的增加。 想起当年依然能够依偎在父母的怀里, 不管外面刮风或暴雨, 心里都得以平静。 但这份悠悠的平静,在近年来却离我而去, 去得无影无踪。。

如今单身在外,更深受体会到人与人之间的沟通是多么的复杂 与奥妙。 从沟通衍生出来的问题,也并不是单靠一剂药就得以复原。所以我们都不断的在寻找能与自己沟通的知己。不知您已寻找到一位吗?