Monday, August 30, 2010

Second Mid Semester Break

1 week of holiday, not gonna spend the entire 7 days with books, even though final is just around the corner. Thus i decided to fly up to to auckland on friday afternoon, to meet up with my friends and to have a few days of stressless vacation before the start of study marathon.

Celebrated bee ling's birthday on friday night right after i landed. Had dinner in a Italian restaurant near the harbour. Long wait but delicious food. Party all night long after dinner! Happy birthday again, bee ling!

Went to auckland all time favourite hang out place- Hulu Cat. Photo taking, board games, card games, chatting, fooling...were all the activities we did from 9 to midnight. Happy times passed by in lightning speed indeed

Last but not least, was to meet CARYN KOH while she did her elective in auckland. It's been so long since we last met. Had so much fun with her, she is still the same caryn i used to know, brings back so much memory from the past. When will we meet again? Sigh, gonna miss you dearly, take care!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Spring Is Coming To Town

Flowers are blooming and birds are twittering. It's a sign of desirable weather, woohoo! It's time to keep thermal and thick jackets back to the closet.

This 2 months will be a hell for most of us in 5th year. Lots of small annoying tests are coming on their way plus the dreadful final is approaching near. Rising stress level... Popping pimples, ogling eyes, crusting skin, branching hair, that's how i will look like in the near future, haha!
Ok, enough grumbling. Time to get back to study.
p/s: congratulation to all my fellow friends who passed their final in seremban! enjoy your holiday!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Girls and Orthopaedic

After first week of orthopaedic run, i notice a lots of girls have great interest in this field. They are the one who answer most of the questions in tutorial, they are the most enthusiastic students to go for clinics and surgeries, they are most of the consultants' favourite.

I asked a few of them, if they are considering to specialize ortho in the future. Surprisingly they gave me the same sort of answer, 'No, because i don't have the physical strength.' Oh, what a shame!
I even heard somebody said she likes ortho because the department is filled with eye candy consultants. Hmph... really? Haha!
Better buck up my knowledge and skills in order to compete with the girls!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Week of Miscellaneous Attachments

This week was pretty random, had 3 differents specialties to attend, which were anaesthesia, intensive care and emergency medicine. What did i learn? Hmph... quite minimal. Besides, there was no assessment after those runs, that's why nobody took the week seriously.

So far i can only remember propofol from anaesthesia, because that's the medicine that killed michael jackson, haha! Emergency medicine summarized most of the salient topics in cardiovascular, which was a good revision for me. Intensive care, only had 2 early morning ward round, didn't learn anything except looking at the poster-sized patient's chart. One word, sien!

Starting musculoskeletal tomorrow, heard that the consultants are quite strict. Scared...

Jeng Yi came by last Thursday. Had an enjoyable long chat with him. Went to the cathedral square and spent countless time figuring out how to snap a good picture of us with the cathedral. Real fun.

We have the same height, haha!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

It's Already August

Gosh, can't believe July is over! Time flies, isn't it?

The dreadful final exam is another step closer to me. Oh no.. i shall not stress myself, must take everything slow and easy. But how? So many things to cover, so many unknown or vague territories, so many skills to work on.. oh no....(need a chill pill now).
Ok, talk about something nice. Hmph... the weather is awesome today. For the first time after so many months, my window had no condensation this morning, which was a sign of warm weather. At least 10 degree celcius today, i believe. However, it's not that i could spend the day lazing on the lawn and sunbath. Instead, i still need to force myself to the books and study. Very pathetic indeed... Why do i have to go through all of these? Sob sob...
Haha, don't worry about me, it's just ranting. This torment will end very soon. Gambate!