Friday, May 25, 2012


Another unexpected aftershock hit Christchurch again. Apparently if it's more than 5.0 the school has to evacuate all students from vulnerable buildings. Fair enough.

Yea weekend starts now! 

Thursday, May 3, 2012


Wow, it's been such a long time since I write a blog post properly. Life has been relatively busier but ain't too bad. Now I understand why so many friends of mine are slowly abandoning their blogs. There's always not enough time to sit down and compose something decent on the blog. Not to mention the existence of social networking to take over the job of story-sharing. I'll try to stick with this conventional method to keep my friends and family of what I've been up to.

Where to begin? Schooling has been going well so far. Fingers crossed. Next big thing to happen would be job application. Therefore my current task is to write impressive cv and cover letters. Hopefully there are some job vacancies left for me. I would have rant about the frustration of international students being treated like second class and below but I shall not be whinny anymore unless I could do something about it. Wanna know about the weather? Well it's a common topic to talk about around here especially among strangers. All you need to know it's getting colder. Not looking forward to winter for sure.

Last week my whole house was treated with scabies medication because Ah Hui was the suspected culprit. So we had been doing massive laundry(including bed sheets and soft toys) and lotion applying. Fortunately none of us has any symptoms. Oh Ah Hui has started calling me 'uncle Mui How'. That's really sweet and cute. Can't wait for my own nephew/niece to call me that. To both of my sisters, gambate!

 Flew to Invercagil (tip of south island) in this small jet plane to pick up a patient. It was great fun.

 Spent my Easter weekend in Auckland. Went to Davenport for the first time. A very nice and posh place. Would love to have brunch again there overlooking the awesome scenery. 

 Can't stop eating these sinful food. Well I need to prepare my body for the winter *ahem excuses*