Thursday, December 30, 2010

Getting Fit With Wii

While everybody is frantically crazy about the new xbox kinect, i'm still exploring the wonder of Wii. Of course, i wouldn't have this luxury if Nadia didn't leave her whole wii bundle here for the time being. Thanks, hehe! *Ken Jin and Limin are considering to get one wii, or maybe kinect after she takes it back next year, muahahaha.... isn't this the best place to live in*

Anyway, this post is not about how much fun you could get from wii which we already knew long time ago. Do you know you can get fit and healthy by playing wii? *one of the arguing points for the kids who want to pester their parents to get a wii, haha* Introducing Wii Fit... (actually this game was already released few years ago, i know i'm out dated, whatever)

This is the main menu of the game. The miis from left: me, nadia (zzz...because she stopped playing for quite some time, tsk tsk...) and limin.

My BMI profile. I set my BMI goal to 21 in one month, which mean i have to gain approximately 4kgs . Gosh, it's really hard.

This is one of the muscle workout in the game. Basically all the exercise focus on the centre of gravity and the balance board will rate your performance based on the stability.

This is Step, one of the aerobic exercises. Whenever ah hui sees us playing this, she will giggle and clap her hand. That's why when she gets cranky while we are exercising, we have to stop whatever workout we are doing and change to Step just to 'entertain' and calm her down.

Just for laugh

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

One Little Cute Baby

Have been babysitting this small monster for the past few weeks. When Limin is busy with something, she will tell ah hui, 'go and find uncle mui how'. Sob...i'm an uncle already... Anyway, this uncle turns into some pre school toddler when ah hui is around him. Will act cute with her, clap hand with her in front of the mirror, make some baby babbles, play with her toys... Unleashing the childishness within, haha!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New Room

Finally i have moved into my new room (with ensuite bathroom, hehe). All i did today was only labour work. First i had to move Nadia's stuff to the 'store room aka guest room'. After that i had to move all my stuff down from the guest room to this room. Calories burnt: millions of kilojoule.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Food For Thought

"A little philosophy inclineth man's mind to atheism, but depth in philosophy bringeth men's minds about to religion"
-Sir Francis Bacon (22 Jan 1561-9 April 1626)

This sentence really make me put down the book and start to think its underlying meaning. I can't agree more with first half of the sentence because i'm the living proof of that. I don't know much about philosophy, in fact i don't know anything about it at all, as Socrates said, 'all i know is that i know nothing' (just trying to illustrate my point in a more philosophical way, hehe...). Anyway, i never know my agnosticism/atheism is related philosophy, how true is that?
How would you describe your spiritual life? Religion is definitely one way, but not the only way. Some people say it could be explained by how well you understand your own life. If you know the purpose and meaning of your existing life, you already had your spiritual part of your life well covered. In self help groups like alcoholic anonymous, they regard spiritual support to something they called 'higher power'. The 'power' could be god, family, friends, brain strength, wine goblet, money and all sort of things. If i were to answer that question, i would gag for at least 2 minutes before i could say something that is most probably nonsensical.
Philosophy vs religion, a very intriguing contrasting couple. These 2 subjects always make my mind spins and aches when i think about them. And the most annoying part is that there will not be any proper answer or solution for whatever that bothers the mind at the first place. Recently i borrowed some philosophy books from the library with the intention of enriching my tunnelled world view. But the amount of theories and ideas are too overwhelming. Some really caught my attention and made me think. But there are some which i just don't even bother to try because i know i would not be able to understand anyhow.
If Sir Francis Bacon's words were true, will i embrace a religion when i'm wiser? Hmph... how come i don't see it's happening? I have this strong urge to prove the second half of the sentence is wrong, but considering the amount of readings that i need to do in order to understand philosophy in depth, gosh, my poor little brain gonna burst in no time. Maybe i can consider taking a second degree in B.Phil and write a thesis about it. Haha, dream on...

Friday, December 3, 2010

Kee Ping's Invasion

How many days do you need to plan for a holiday? For Lim Kee Ping, he needs less than 5 days. Last weekend when i was busy moving in to my new place, i got a message from him saying that he is coming to visit me in the next few days. 'He must be kidding', I thought. Apparently not, he had everything sorted out before he dropped the message. Salute!

Introducing Lim Kee Ping, haha! Standing at the top of the hill, pretending to be blown away by the wind.

Highlight of his visit: cyling trip up to Port Hill. It was really a fitness challenge, it took us almost 2 hours to reach the top of the hill. My poor little bicycle, it must had suffered a lot throughout the whole journey.

One of the landmark of the hill, Sign of the Kiwi. Actually it is just a rest station that sells coffee and ice creams.

It's so hard to snap a nice smilling picture of him, this is one of the rare ones. Picture taken at the botanical garden. I really enjoy his company, especially at this dark times of my life, sob sob... Anyway, hope he will come again in the future. I promise, no more torturing, haha!