Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Looking Forward

Having something to look forward to amidst stressful exams.

Friday, September 9, 2011


An epiphany about people, especially people in my life.

There are lots of passerby, brushed our shoulder and said farewell. A momentary friendship that worth keeping at the back of my mind and perhaps retrieve them for reminiscence once in awhile in the future. 'How do you do, mate?' probably would be a good opening line if we haven't seen each other for quite some time. 'Not too bad, i have been doing such and such... i tell you it was great...' (pretending everything in the world is perfect and divert the conversation to something light if it gets too awkward). How true is that?

Then there are people that i am or used to holding grudges against. People that despise, betray or lie to me. My life would not be so interesting without this type of people. Thank you for your existence and please stay away. What comes around goes back around, do watch out, my friend.

Finally there are people that i treasure and love. People that i can rely on and walk me out of misery. People that give me strength and carry on with life when everything seems so cloudy and dark. I don't know how to repay such kindness but i'll be there whenever you call. A shout-out to a dear friend of mine, without you my life would be an utter mess. Thanks for picking up the pieces for me.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Orana Wildlife Park

In another word, it is a free range zoo, which means all the animals do not live inside a cage. Instead they are given a reasonable amount of compound to walk around while the visitors can see them from a distance seperated by electrical fence. Animals include zebra, lion, tiger, rhino, monkey, kiwi bird, giraffe, lemur, otter and the list goes on and on.

Since we are having a week of holiday, Jane and I decided to visit the park which is approximately 30 mins away from city centre. We spent almost 6 hours plus inside the park visiting all the animals. It was tiring but totally worthwhile.

Rhinos in the Africa Plain

Jumping on a trampoline while all the small kids were away. Such fun!

Hand feeding the giraffe with some branches. Apparently they have really long and yellowish tongue. I wanted to touch the neck but too bad it always move away, sigh...

Jane and the Lion Encounter Poster. We paid extra $30 to enter the cage while the zoo keepers fed the lions. Only 20 people allowed inside the cage per day. Guess what, we were the first and only customer who went for it. Well, you gotta be at least 1.4m tall to enter and most of the visitors i saw that day were small children. Lucky!

Inside the truck. Gosh,it was really scary. The lions were surrouding the truck because they wanted food, some of them even climbed up to the roof of the cage. The scariest thing was when they were roaring and fought among themselves. An awesome experience!

Jane and her favourite animal, cheetah. It is the fastest animal on earth and surprisingly pretty harmless when they are not hunting or mating.

It was a nice day out! Highly recommended if you are visiting Christchurch.