Friday, July 23, 2010


Just came back from Overeaters Anonymous. One word, wow!

It's very interesting to know that there are people out there who actually suffered from food addiction. And it takes such a big amount of effort for them to recognize the problem and seek help. This addiction is just as bad as other substances, it will cost you money, relationships, career, self esteem or even the power to go on living.
Just hope i won't get addicted to anything, especially food. I love eating, yum yum!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Jeng Yi In Christchurch


This high school mate of mine, stepped his foot on christchurch for less than 24 hours, and now he is off to his journey down south.

Really glad to catch up with him since end of last year's gathering.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


I had a dream few days ago, it was so vivid that i could recall it till now.

The dream.... was set on a beautiful weekend morning, when everyone in my family went out for brunch. We went to a noodle stall (wan ton mee) where my father claimed to be one of the best food in town. Right after we came out from the car, my father went straight to the stall owner and ordered a double portion wan ton mee for himself. Then he turned back to us and asked, 'so what do you want? just order it yourself, ok?' As usual, we look around to see if there's other food available, but in the end, we ordered the same thing as my father did.
My mother, on the other hand, refused to order any food because she said she wasn't hungry. But when our food arrived, she would pick up the chopsticks and nibble here and there. That was so typical of her. My brother, would be busy clicking his phone as if there was a multi billion dollar business going on. Surprisingly both of my sisters were there as well, but not sure what were they doing at that time.
In reality.... there was a wan ton mee stall that we used to visit every weekend during my early teenage time, it's somewhere near Tasek, probably it had closed down by now. My father really liked the food there, and yes, double portion was no hard task for him. My sisters seldom joined us for brunch, that's why the memory was quite blurry. My brother wouldn't have a phone back in those time, so must be some error in recalling. My mum definitely liked to 'curi makan' our food, argh....
This dream definitely has some component of history in it, that's why it made so much sense to me. This dream also reflects how much i miss those time spending with my family. Home is certainly where the heart is.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Three More Runs

A week of integrative learning classes had finished. Passed addiction medicine osce, hooray; Still awaiting ophthalmology test result, but i think i should be able to pass it with flying colours(woo, how confident i am, haha! Well, thanks to geekyasian and its active members' contribution, past year questions really helped!)

Tomorrow will be the first day of my next run, Public Health. Classmates said it was pretty cosy but lots of reading to do. Plus it's time to prepare for final, gosh, starting to feel the tension now. Chill.... must make full use of all the free time in the rest of the three runs before it's too late. I must nail it!
The radio here in nz recently has been playing this song from the 80s. It's so catchy and kinda stuck in my head once i hear it. I don't really know its meaning, but who cares, the rhythm sounds nice.