Thursday, September 24, 2009

Friends' Visit



Picnic at Botanical Garden

Camwhore at weird angle

Walk around the town (Art Centre)

Victoria Park

Spending great time with great friends

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Interschool Plenary

This picture was taken last Thursday when we had our third interschool plenary. This time the lecture was delivered by Wellington. However, the session was being interrupted for a couple of times due to some technical problem. That's why i got the chance to bring out my phone and snapped a shot. Spot me if you can from the lower right window of right screen.

I like the fat granulocyte picture on the left, so cute!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Long Case Problem

Yesterday afternoon i went back to hospital to look for my second long case, which is due on this coming friday, oh no....

The patient that i met yesterday was a very nice lady, in fact, she talked too much. A good historian is good in helping us to complete the long case, but too much info that is not relevant, especially when they talk about their personal life (gosh, do i look like i care?), will only make the session more lengthy, more energy consuming, and more queries.

That's not the end, it was worse when the patient started to become emotional. I grabbed her hand and kinda consoled her when i first saw her eyes turned red and tearful. But the weird thing was this lasted for less than a minute and she could talked normally afterward. Then few minutes later, she became emotional and tearful again. Normal ... emo ... normal ... emo ... normal ... emo, i was ok at the beginning but slowly getting annoyed with that.

This experience makes me wonder, where is my empathy for patient? When the patient wept, i could just stared at her without feeling sorrow. And the bad thing was, i thought the patient was having some affective problem, instead of her emotional turmoil. I really want to become a good doctor....

Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Week of Fun

One week of holiday is finished, time flies indeed. Anyway, i had great fun in auckland. Don't have to worry of any upcoming exams, all i did was just eat, play and sleep, haha!

I went to several new places in auckland, just have a look on the pictures below:

Bukit Satu Pokok

On our way up to One Tree Hill, we saw a lot of sheep. Duno why i'm still fascinated with sheep even though i have been staying here for more than half a year

Walking up to the obelisk

Obelisk of One Tree Hill

At Sky Tower, tallest building in the whole south hemisphere

On saturday, we went to Piha Beach, at the east of auckland. Thank you Swarna for driving us! (the road was horrible, narrow and windy, as bad as the old road up to Cameron Highland)

The boys

The girls (who will never stop posing....hehe!)

Childhood game, A.E.I.O.U

On the way up to a small hill at the beach

Thank you everyone, it was such a memorable trip!