Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy 22nd Birthday, James

Friday, April 24, 2009

Exam and Test

First week after coming back from holiday was torturing....The momentum was slow, motivation was low, work efficiency was low, and yet various pressure kept pestering me and yelled 'Hey ya, MOVE!'

Next week having 4 exams, microbiology, pathology and psychiatric osce on thursday, end of run exam on friday. Sigh, this weekend is gonna be on nerdy mode!

To keep up with the standard level is so hard....

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Holiday- Queenstown Road Trip

Yeah, it's holiday! After 2 months of my clinical study in nz, finally i've got one week break during easter. Though it's not very long, i'm happy enough just to have some time off.

For the past 3 days, me and james had a road trip down to Queenstown, approximately 600km from Christchurch. We decided to have this road trip because people said that the scenery along the road was very nice. Hence we booked accomodation, rented a car and left christchurch 5am in the morning of Good Friday.

Once we enter the province of Otago from Cantebury, the landscape seriously becomes very beautiful. Can't resist to stop the car at the side and take picture.

Oh my, it's snow! For the first time, i can touch real snow with my bare hand (snow that i touched before was in Mines Wonderland and Genting Snow House, but that's fake). I know it's abit jakun, but i'm so excited about it!

Sitting by the lake in Queenstown, my favourite thing to do there. All i need is just a bench and a pack of fish and chips. Feeling the cool breeze while enjoying myself with the magnificent scenery, what a blessing! That's why i kept on dragging james to company me, though he complained about the coldness, don't care, haha!

This is the city centre of Queenstown, small but filled with tourists. Very pleasant but expensive to live in. Home of bungy jumping (but it's so bloody expensive, still preparing my gut and money for bungy jumping, must do that in my next visit to queenstown)

Another potential blog header, yeah! (thanks to photographer james)

Finally back in Christchurch, after countless hours of driving. It's been so long i never drive, so got a few embarrassing problems arise which i shoudn't mention here, hehe! Posing at Cathedral Square after dinner while the church having a special mass.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Holiday Mood

This picture was taken in an early morning when i openned the window curtain, and saw this unusual phenomenon. Amazed by the orangy colour trail that it left behind, still didn't know it's from a jet or from an asteroid

Today i had pizza buffet with the imu seniors for lunch at Northland Mall, $11 for unlimited pizza (but with limited choice), salad, pasta and dessert. Not sure if it's worth it, but one thing for sure was i left the restaurant with a tummy full of pizza and pasta, like a pig, oink oink!

Easter holiday is coming (4 more days), hooray.... I'm totally in my holiday mood now, don't feel like study at all and slacked through the whole weekend. Tomorrow when people ask me how's my weekend, i will definitely say, "Great, i relaxed and did nothing!"

But after the 10 days holiday, i will be having neuro OSCE, microbiology and pathology exam. Must study hard after all the vacation...