Thursday, December 30, 2010

Getting Fit With Wii

While everybody is frantically crazy about the new xbox kinect, i'm still exploring the wonder of Wii. Of course, i wouldn't have this luxury if Nadia didn't leave her whole wii bundle here for the time being. Thanks, hehe! *Ken Jin and Limin are considering to get one wii, or maybe kinect after she takes it back next year, muahahaha.... isn't this the best place to live in*

Anyway, this post is not about how much fun you could get from wii which we already knew long time ago. Do you know you can get fit and healthy by playing wii? *one of the arguing points for the kids who want to pester their parents to get a wii, haha* Introducing Wii Fit... (actually this game was already released few years ago, i know i'm out dated, whatever)

This is the main menu of the game. The miis from left: me, nadia (zzz...because she stopped playing for quite some time, tsk tsk...) and limin.

My BMI profile. I set my BMI goal to 21 in one month, which mean i have to gain approximately 4kgs . Gosh, it's really hard.

This is one of the muscle workout in the game. Basically all the exercise focus on the centre of gravity and the balance board will rate your performance based on the stability.

This is Step, one of the aerobic exercises. Whenever ah hui sees us playing this, she will giggle and clap her hand. That's why when she gets cranky while we are exercising, we have to stop whatever workout we are doing and change to Step just to 'entertain' and calm her down.

Just for laugh

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

One Little Cute Baby

Have been babysitting this small monster for the past few weeks. When Limin is busy with something, she will tell ah hui, 'go and find uncle mui how'. Sob...i'm an uncle already... Anyway, this uncle turns into some pre school toddler when ah hui is around him. Will act cute with her, clap hand with her in front of the mirror, make some baby babbles, play with her toys... Unleashing the childishness within, haha!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New Room

Finally i have moved into my new room (with ensuite bathroom, hehe). All i did today was only labour work. First i had to move Nadia's stuff to the 'store room aka guest room'. After that i had to move all my stuff down from the guest room to this room. Calories burnt: millions of kilojoule.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Food For Thought

"A little philosophy inclineth man's mind to atheism, but depth in philosophy bringeth men's minds about to religion"
-Sir Francis Bacon (22 Jan 1561-9 April 1626)

This sentence really make me put down the book and start to think its underlying meaning. I can't agree more with first half of the sentence because i'm the living proof of that. I don't know much about philosophy, in fact i don't know anything about it at all, as Socrates said, 'all i know is that i know nothing' (just trying to illustrate my point in a more philosophical way, hehe...). Anyway, i never know my agnosticism/atheism is related philosophy, how true is that?
How would you describe your spiritual life? Religion is definitely one way, but not the only way. Some people say it could be explained by how well you understand your own life. If you know the purpose and meaning of your existing life, you already had your spiritual part of your life well covered. In self help groups like alcoholic anonymous, they regard spiritual support to something they called 'higher power'. The 'power' could be god, family, friends, brain strength, wine goblet, money and all sort of things. If i were to answer that question, i would gag for at least 2 minutes before i could say something that is most probably nonsensical.
Philosophy vs religion, a very intriguing contrasting couple. These 2 subjects always make my mind spins and aches when i think about them. And the most annoying part is that there will not be any proper answer or solution for whatever that bothers the mind at the first place. Recently i borrowed some philosophy books from the library with the intention of enriching my tunnelled world view. But the amount of theories and ideas are too overwhelming. Some really caught my attention and made me think. But there are some which i just don't even bother to try because i know i would not be able to understand anyhow.
If Sir Francis Bacon's words were true, will i embrace a religion when i'm wiser? Hmph... how come i don't see it's happening? I have this strong urge to prove the second half of the sentence is wrong, but considering the amount of readings that i need to do in order to understand philosophy in depth, gosh, my poor little brain gonna burst in no time. Maybe i can consider taking a second degree in B.Phil and write a thesis about it. Haha, dream on...

Friday, December 3, 2010

Kee Ping's Invasion

How many days do you need to plan for a holiday? For Lim Kee Ping, he needs less than 5 days. Last weekend when i was busy moving in to my new place, i got a message from him saying that he is coming to visit me in the next few days. 'He must be kidding', I thought. Apparently not, he had everything sorted out before he dropped the message. Salute!

Introducing Lim Kee Ping, haha! Standing at the top of the hill, pretending to be blown away by the wind.

Highlight of his visit: cyling trip up to Port Hill. It was really a fitness challenge, it took us almost 2 hours to reach the top of the hill. My poor little bicycle, it must had suffered a lot throughout the whole journey.

One of the landmark of the hill, Sign of the Kiwi. Actually it is just a rest station that sells coffee and ice creams.

It's so hard to snap a nice smilling picture of him, this is one of the rare ones. Picture taken at the botanical garden. I really enjoy his company, especially at this dark times of my life, sob sob... Anyway, hope he will come again in the future. I promise, no more torturing, haha!

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Eleventh of Nov, 2010, a day that i shall not forget for the rest of my life.

I still can remembered vividly the moment when i opened my email indicating exam's result. The heart was pounding so fast that the breathing could barely catch up. But when i saw the four letter F word inside the email content, my heart sank. The whole world seemed to stop momentarily for me to digest the information. I rubbed my eyes and looked at it carefully. No error noted. And for the fist time in my life, i stared blank into the space and wonder if this is reality or nightmare.

'You dumb boy, we ain't going to give you a second chance and you better get your ass back for another year here.' I felt like the email is saying that to me.

I am ashamed. I don't know how to face my family. They have been working so hard just to let me get an overseas certificate. Studying medicine privately in foreign land is ain't cheap. With that amount of money, they could have a few more properties in my hometown or travel around the world for a few times. But i let them down. I don't want to tell them, 'mum and dad, you can't retire so soon because i still need your support to continue my education.' Only an irresponsible, inconsiderate, imbecile child will say that. And guess what, i'm actually that child.

Thank goodness, i have been hearing words of comfort from friends and family. Though they kept saying it's nobody fault, i know deep down inside, i'm the one to be blamed. I should have study harder, i should have taken it more seriously, i should have be more enthusiastic, i should have.... But everything is too late now.

Every now and then, this feeling of failure will stab it to my heart as if it will never go away. I'm petrified. My life seems so aimless except to clean up this mess. I hate myself. I hate this life.

The purpose of writing this post, actually is to tell the people that i love, that i'm in a real bad situation. I would be lying if i say i'm perfectly fine. But i can assure y'all i will be alright, eventually. Hopefully time will be a good healing factor. Gotta need some time to compose myself and fight again.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Exam is over, yeah! Gonna spend this short holiday doing anything that does not require brain activities. Feel so drained at the moment...

Flying up to auckland this friday and attend james's debut performance on stage production. This holiday is gonna be sweet.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Time To Ignite The Midnight Oil

A week of study break, is it enough to cram all the important knowledge into my tiny brain?

Recently my electronic stuffs have been turning their back on me. At first, my mouse which i bought earlier this year was broken. The problem was probably at the roller, it kept fibrillating up and down the screen whenever i plugged it to my computer. And few days ago, my phone started throwing temper. It kept resetting itself with no reason. I won't be getting a new phone until i finish my exam, so for those who want to get hold of me, email and fb will be fine.
I was browsing the internet for new phone justnow, don't know what should i get. iphone was bloody expensive, but it looks cool and fancy. I am hoping to get a smartphone, any good suggestions?
Anyway, this whole week is solely dedicated for study, please grant me infinite energy and memory.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The End?

It's the final week of my final run of the year. Tonnes of exams are pouring in, wish me luck.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Exclusive Club

Few weeks ago, the cafe in my school put up this new sign board. Finally i'm in some kind of exclusive club, haha! Actually it's just an ordinary cafe, no comfy couch or open bar, no live band or fancy decor, it's just a place where people like to hang out. Oh, there is free coffee and hot chocolate though. For food, we still need to pay $$$, sigh...

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Road Sign

I have never seen this road sign until i came to christchurch. It didn't draw much attention to me because i seldom cycle along the tram track. But guess what, few days ago when i was cutting corner to a restaurant for dinner, my bike got stucked and i fell over. It was so embarrasing... Lessons of the day: do not cut corner and road bike's tire isn't that perfect after all.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mad World

Living in a crumbling world, i need strength to pull myself out of this rubble. I wish prayer will be answered, if only agnosticism has never gone into my head. I see light and shining stars, but are they shimmering through to the future where i always dreaming for? For once, i'm crippled, dragging the remaining shattered self, looking for a touch by an angel. Are you my angel?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

I Want To Sleep In

Living in the new YMCA building is incredibly cosy, but the amount of noise produced every weekend early morning is driving me crazy soon.

Weekend mornings are always the best time to sleep in after an exhaustive week. However, i have not been granted with such privilege from the day i stepped into this luxurious hostel. Lots of travellers love to stay in ymca for the weekend, not that they party all night long in the building, it's just that they often wake up early in the morning, making lots of noise from opening and closing the doors, discussing their daily plan out loud at the corridor and etc.
Compare to the slightly substandard hostel that i used to live in, though there are lots of thing i can complain, at least it is more quiet and that's the most important thing i want in an accommodation.
The management is contemplating whether to repair or demolish the old building. I don't know which outcome to hope for.
Alright, enough grumbling. This week has not been great, lots of unfortunate events were happening around me, i might be receiving a fail from my previous posting, and the fear of final is getting overwhelming.
Just hope everything will fall into its right place soon. Peace.

Monday, September 13, 2010





Monday, September 6, 2010

Shakey Christchurch

To those i loved: I'm safe and alright in Christchurch, don't worry and thanks for your concern.

As you all might know, a magnitude of 7.1 earthquake had hit Christchurch on Saturday early morning. Luckily i was in Auckland when the disaster took place. I wasn't aware of the incident until the next day morning when i saw the news on the tv. It was really shocking.

I was supposed to be back in Christchurch on Wednesday morning, but my friends in auckland insisted me to stay on for another few more days. So i decided to go back on Sunday. Lucky me, i had escaped when the earthquake occured on Saturday morning.

Now i'm back in Christchurch. The whole city is utterly dysfunctional. The central business district is closed, so as several main roads across the city. My room wasn't too messy, just some fallen folder scattered on the table and floor. But my dormitary caretaker had evacuate all occupants to the new YMCA building for a few days because the management wants to evaluate the condition of the building. By the way, the room in the new building is really nice, really tempting to move in, but it's so expensive, double of what i'm paying at the moment, sigh!

My school is closed for 2 days, so i've got extra holidays. Does it mean they will postpone the final as well? Doubt so, still gotta study for final, argh....

Occasionally, i still feel some aftershock over here. It's quite scary but for those who had experience the event on Saturday morning, aftershock is nothing compared to the epicentre. Just hope there won't be another earthquake coming here.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Second Mid Semester Break

1 week of holiday, not gonna spend the entire 7 days with books, even though final is just around the corner. Thus i decided to fly up to to auckland on friday afternoon, to meet up with my friends and to have a few days of stressless vacation before the start of study marathon.

Celebrated bee ling's birthday on friday night right after i landed. Had dinner in a Italian restaurant near the harbour. Long wait but delicious food. Party all night long after dinner! Happy birthday again, bee ling!

Went to auckland all time favourite hang out place- Hulu Cat. Photo taking, board games, card games, chatting, fooling...were all the activities we did from 9 to midnight. Happy times passed by in lightning speed indeed

Last but not least, was to meet CARYN KOH while she did her elective in auckland. It's been so long since we last met. Had so much fun with her, she is still the same caryn i used to know, brings back so much memory from the past. When will we meet again? Sigh, gonna miss you dearly, take care!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Spring Is Coming To Town

Flowers are blooming and birds are twittering. It's a sign of desirable weather, woohoo! It's time to keep thermal and thick jackets back to the closet.

This 2 months will be a hell for most of us in 5th year. Lots of small annoying tests are coming on their way plus the dreadful final is approaching near. Rising stress level... Popping pimples, ogling eyes, crusting skin, branching hair, that's how i will look like in the near future, haha!
Ok, enough grumbling. Time to get back to study.
p/s: congratulation to all my fellow friends who passed their final in seremban! enjoy your holiday!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Girls and Orthopaedic

After first week of orthopaedic run, i notice a lots of girls have great interest in this field. They are the one who answer most of the questions in tutorial, they are the most enthusiastic students to go for clinics and surgeries, they are most of the consultants' favourite.

I asked a few of them, if they are considering to specialize ortho in the future. Surprisingly they gave me the same sort of answer, 'No, because i don't have the physical strength.' Oh, what a shame!
I even heard somebody said she likes ortho because the department is filled with eye candy consultants. Hmph... really? Haha!
Better buck up my knowledge and skills in order to compete with the girls!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Week of Miscellaneous Attachments

This week was pretty random, had 3 differents specialties to attend, which were anaesthesia, intensive care and emergency medicine. What did i learn? Hmph... quite minimal. Besides, there was no assessment after those runs, that's why nobody took the week seriously.

So far i can only remember propofol from anaesthesia, because that's the medicine that killed michael jackson, haha! Emergency medicine summarized most of the salient topics in cardiovascular, which was a good revision for me. Intensive care, only had 2 early morning ward round, didn't learn anything except looking at the poster-sized patient's chart. One word, sien!

Starting musculoskeletal tomorrow, heard that the consultants are quite strict. Scared...

Jeng Yi came by last Thursday. Had an enjoyable long chat with him. Went to the cathedral square and spent countless time figuring out how to snap a good picture of us with the cathedral. Real fun.

We have the same height, haha!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

It's Already August

Gosh, can't believe July is over! Time flies, isn't it?

The dreadful final exam is another step closer to me. Oh no.. i shall not stress myself, must take everything slow and easy. But how? So many things to cover, so many unknown or vague territories, so many skills to work on.. oh no....(need a chill pill now).
Ok, talk about something nice. Hmph... the weather is awesome today. For the first time after so many months, my window had no condensation this morning, which was a sign of warm weather. At least 10 degree celcius today, i believe. However, it's not that i could spend the day lazing on the lawn and sunbath. Instead, i still need to force myself to the books and study. Very pathetic indeed... Why do i have to go through all of these? Sob sob...
Haha, don't worry about me, it's just ranting. This torment will end very soon. Gambate!

Friday, July 23, 2010


Just came back from Overeaters Anonymous. One word, wow!

It's very interesting to know that there are people out there who actually suffered from food addiction. And it takes such a big amount of effort for them to recognize the problem and seek help. This addiction is just as bad as other substances, it will cost you money, relationships, career, self esteem or even the power to go on living.
Just hope i won't get addicted to anything, especially food. I love eating, yum yum!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Jeng Yi In Christchurch


This high school mate of mine, stepped his foot on christchurch for less than 24 hours, and now he is off to his journey down south.

Really glad to catch up with him since end of last year's gathering.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


I had a dream few days ago, it was so vivid that i could recall it till now.

The dream.... was set on a beautiful weekend morning, when everyone in my family went out for brunch. We went to a noodle stall (wan ton mee) where my father claimed to be one of the best food in town. Right after we came out from the car, my father went straight to the stall owner and ordered a double portion wan ton mee for himself. Then he turned back to us and asked, 'so what do you want? just order it yourself, ok?' As usual, we look around to see if there's other food available, but in the end, we ordered the same thing as my father did.
My mother, on the other hand, refused to order any food because she said she wasn't hungry. But when our food arrived, she would pick up the chopsticks and nibble here and there. That was so typical of her. My brother, would be busy clicking his phone as if there was a multi billion dollar business going on. Surprisingly both of my sisters were there as well, but not sure what were they doing at that time.
In reality.... there was a wan ton mee stall that we used to visit every weekend during my early teenage time, it's somewhere near Tasek, probably it had closed down by now. My father really liked the food there, and yes, double portion was no hard task for him. My sisters seldom joined us for brunch, that's why the memory was quite blurry. My brother wouldn't have a phone back in those time, so must be some error in recalling. My mum definitely liked to 'curi makan' our food, argh....
This dream definitely has some component of history in it, that's why it made so much sense to me. This dream also reflects how much i miss those time spending with my family. Home is certainly where the heart is.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Three More Runs

A week of integrative learning classes had finished. Passed addiction medicine osce, hooray; Still awaiting ophthalmology test result, but i think i should be able to pass it with flying colours(woo, how confident i am, haha! Well, thanks to geekyasian and its active members' contribution, past year questions really helped!)

Tomorrow will be the first day of my next run, Public Health. Classmates said it was pretty cosy but lots of reading to do. Plus it's time to prepare for final, gosh, starting to feel the tension now. Chill.... must make full use of all the free time in the rest of the three runs before it's too late. I must nail it!
The radio here in nz recently has been playing this song from the 80s. It's so catchy and kinda stuck in my head once i hear it. I don't really know its meaning, but who cares, the rhythm sounds nice.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Semester Break

Just came back from auckland this morning. Landed at christchurch in a misty, 6 degrees celcius morning. Really glad that eng ann picked me up at the airport and gave me a ride to school where our class commenced at 9am.
Holiday in auckland was really enjoyable. Catching up with mates, eating gourmet food, watching movies with takeaway pizzas, playing games at cafe and etc. However, fun time passes fast, and now it's time to start second semester of the year and be ready for studies.
Thank you guys for the warmest hospitality. Hope to see you soon!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mid Year Break

Hooray, it's holiday!

2 weeks of break is just nice, not too short and not too long. I'm so not going to do anything that required intense brain activity. Study for final? Maybe half an hour per day, do you think it would be enough?
Feel like learning flash, but i'm not sure if i have the patience to do so. Just in case you don't notice, i added a flash banner just below my main blog banner. Wish i have the creativity to do nice art....
Snooze in the cold weather is the best thing ever to do at the moment!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Bump On My Hand

Mantoux test (one of the investigations for tuberculosis). Fyi, that's my hand, i took the photo right after the person finished injecting the antigen into my skin. After one week, the bump has slightly subsided but had turned into a rash. Not itchy or painful. Just not right cosmetically, haha!
The result of the test was positive!! Duh, i had BCG vaccine in the past, of course it will be positive. That's why i don't understand what's the purpose of doing this test in the health check up. Waste my money and make my arm looks uglier, sob sob...
p/s: psychiatry exam on next friday, scary scary....

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Self Diagnosing

Some people say medical students are generally hypochondriac. They like to exaggerate some minor symptoms of theirs and figure out a long list of differential diagnoses. It's weird, isn't it?

I never have this problem since early this year because my previous 2 attachments were O&G and Paediatrics, so i couldn't relate anything back to me.
But now, i'm doing Psychiatry, and i think i'm abit crazy, are you scared? Muahahahaha....

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Drive Myself Crazy

Psychiatry, it's a very interesting specialty. Dealing with people's mind and emotion is definitely not easy, especially with the sick ones.

I am assigned to Mothers and Babies unit, specifically cater for mothers with mental health problems, so it could be depression, psychosis, anxiety, you name it. A switch to motherhood apparently is not an easy task. There are so many things going on in their mind and it takes enormous strength to be tough and go on with life.
So my fellow brothers, please be more understanding when you become a father in the future. Bringing home money isn't your only duty as a husband and father. Spare some household work from wife and spend more time with the kids will make a huge difference to your beloved one.
Lots of study to do, even though not many assignments in this run. Gotta prepare well for final exam too, argh....
Have a good weekend!

Saturday, May 8, 2010



我没有骇人的文采,不懂如何以语句来表达我的心意。刚在网上看到一些感人肺腑的母亲节寄语,不禁感叹自己的语文能力不及他人。无论如何,我在此向我敬爱的妈妈说声: ‘母亲节快乐!’。 儿子不孝,都已经好几年没有和你一起度过这意义深重的节日。你一定回答说:‘哎哟,求学要紧,有心就好啦!’ 对吗? 哈哈!


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Kia Ora

Just finished paediatric run, so i'm allowing myself to chillax for the next couple of days before i need to start studying for my Maori exam. Just in case for those who don't know, Maori is the indigenous people in New Zealand, and our medical school in Christchurch has a comprehensive teaching block specifically on their health. Next week we have a case presentation and a few station exam, including Te Reo (Maori language). Hopefully it won't be too hard.

James came over last week and we celebrated his birthday in advance. We went to Kaikaoura for whale watching and had uncountable meals at Osaka, haha! It was really amazed to look at the gigantic creature in such a close distance. Definitely a good experience, hope he enjoyed it too. Another one thing to tick off in my must-do list in NZ!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Increasing Stress Level

Had a great weekend, couldn't believe it's already over. Long presentation tomorrow, end of paeds exam on tuesday..... gosh, so many things to study, so many things to do, but what i really want to do now, is to zzzzzzz....

My laptop power cord created some smoke and sparkle justnow, luckily my laptop is still functioning and hopefully the adapter is still usable because one adapter costs $90, awfully expensive. So tomorrow i gotta find some time during the day to buy the power cord, really troublesome, sigh!

Wish me luck!

p/s: Happy Birthday to Sin Mei (had a steamboat party in raenna's house in the afternoon, nice food!)

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Kitchen has never been my sanctuary. The most useful thing that i could ever done in a kitchen would probably be peeling the garlic skin and talking to the real cook like my mum and friends. Actually i really enjoy talking to them at that moment, not that i purposely want to deviate their attention, but they seem more chatty when they start cooking. In fact, it's like the best time for them to show off their multi tasking skill and delegating skill by ordering me to do things like, 'bring over the vege', 'pour some water into the pot', 'stir it for me'..... then they will get back to the chatty mode and spill out everything.

But when it comes to me, i'll be shunting everyone out and pay 100% attention to my cookery. Perhaps that's the difference between the chef and the eater, like me, haha!

Last Saturday, me and eng ann decided to cook our lunch together. We definitely want something asian, but what could we possibly cook? So we went to several asian shops and looked for ingredient. Then i saw tomyam paste on the shelf. Suddenly the image of tomyam fried beehon that my mum usually cooks on sunday morning flashed into my mind. My saliva had started drooling just based on the imagination... That's it, i'm so gonna cook that, but how?

None of us know how to cook that dish, but we didn't care and carried on with the plan. And guess what, it wasn't too bad. Of course it wasn't as tasty as my mum's, but we were really satisfied with the outcome. Finally my confidence in cooking has gone up a wee bit, haha!

Few days ago, the caretaker of ymca saw me cooking instant noodle in the kitchen and said, 'you like cooking, don't you?' I looked at her and almost wanted to roll my eye and said, 'not really, it's just i have to eat'. Then she laughed hysterically.

Will try to cook another hometown dish when the craving attacks me again!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Moving On To 2nd Week of Paed

I can't believe my first week in paediatric is over. Time flies...

Recaping my last week's activities: never ending lectures/tutorials, went to a school for mentally handicapped kids, went to a Plunket centre at Lyttelton. During our visit to these schools, we need to play with the kids and observe their development at the same time. Sadly to say that i couldn't handle kids very well, i almost made one kid cry and ran away from me (luckily the mum didn't notice, phew....). Then i saw this baby with big blue eyes, so cute. Felt like pinching his cheek if i'm alone with him in the room, haha!

This attachment is definitely not as slacky or as easy as other people said. I have so many things to work on. I will nail it, gambate!

Easter is coming, so as my one week break, hehe!

Chocolate Bunny from Restaurant City

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Next Run

This week has been very cozy and slackly because we only had 2 days of Maori teaching. The rest of the week were actually free. Nothing could be better than sleeping in and eating brunch everyday entertained by a series of movies that i stored in my computer. Sadly time of leisure often passes without us noticing it. Guess my energy has well recharged and replenished over this weekend. Tomorrow will be the first day of my next run, paediatrics. Hope i guess to see lots of cute small kids, like Stewie in Family Guy. (oh, i have been so addicted to the cartoon series, it is so funny and brainless, haha)

This is Stewie Griffin, isn't he adorable?

Took this picture before my neonatal bedside teaching. Look at this stethoscope for newborn, so small and cute!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Hi Mummy

It's so nice to see my mum again, via webcam. Technology really connects people all around the world. Miss my family.....

Very happy that iloveim is working for video call

Look at the camera and smile!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Finishing First Run

Next week will be my final week in O&G, time flies, isn't it? There are lots of presentation i need to prepare, and a scary end of attachment exam next tuesday. Omg, i hope i won't be freaking out.

No more duty at the birthing suite, and i still have no normal delivery case, sob sob.... Last friday night i followed this patient from 3am till 12pm, hoping it will be a case in my log book. Unfortunately it ended up as emergency caesarean section due to some problem. Sigh.... save me!!!

Today i got praised from a gynaecology surgeon and an anaethetist, happy happy!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Cozy Weekend

After a week of hectic schedule, i decided to take a short break over this weekend. Not going to do much study but just wanna have a good rest and recharge my energy for next week's work.

Went to limin's potluck party and ate alot of nice food and biscuits. Luckily my cycling helped me to burn out the excessive calories, so hopefully there was no extra weight gain after the feast. Weather was awesome, tummy was filled, watched couple of nice movies, what else could i complain of such a fantastic weekend?

Next friday night would be my second last shift at the birthing suite, please give me some normal vaginal delivery case......

Just finished watching Fame, this dance was smoking hot!

Monday, February 15, 2010


Just finished my second session at the birthing suite. Unlucky me, still has no chance of watching a woman does the most noble thing on earth, which is to give birth to a baby, normally.

As usual, monday blues, i used enormous of strength to pull me out from the comfy bed and went to birthing suite and hoping there would be some interesting case for me to watch. The session was started pleasantly by meeting a nice male O&G consultant who brought me along with his team to visit a lady who was about to be induced in order to deliver a baby by today. That time i was thinking it's gonna be my lucky day. So i went back to the room to build up some rapport with the mother like what a student should do even though we don't feel like doing it most of the time.

The mother gave me her permission, but she worried that her husband might not be ok with a male student standing in the room during the delivery. Few hours later her husband came and he really was not ok for me to watch his wife giving birth. WTFFFFF........ I'm not doing anything to your wife, for goodness sake, my presence is definitely, utterly, solely on academic purpose. Chill..... so i just let my female colleague went in and watched the delivery. Wasted all the rapport built.

Then another potential case came in. I asked the midwife to get consent from the mother. She said yea. And guess what, she never came back to me until the chief midwife went in and asked her again. The midwife was a real bi*ch! I saw her so many times at the corridor and she could just ignored my request as if it's not important. Hey, i need to fill my log book, ok? Of course with her attitude like that, the mother also turned me down.

However, at least after this incident, i know who shall i rely on and who shall i loathe at. The chief midwife, Rhonda, is the nicest person in the suite. She purposely stayed back after her shift just to make sure the midwives get back to us. After so many big no-no to my face, she even consoled me and said, 'those midwives just don't understand that this is a teaching hospital and they should convince the patients to let you all go in and learn, and it's gonna be harder for you because you are a guy!'

Sexist! Chauvinist!

Sunday, February 14, 2010



回想以往的除夕夜,是多么的令人雀跃万分。 久违的亲戚,压岁钱,满宴,烟花,贺岁片,假期,红包,零食等都让每个小孩眉开眼笑。中学以后到外地求学,除夕夜变得更具有意义,深受体会团圆饭的重要性。尤其是那一刹那与多日不见的双亲重逢,不管生活有多艰难,你都会知道他们永远的默默支持你,守护你 ,站在那扇永不关闭的家门口。

去年年尾假期有幸与家人团聚,已足以补尝今年独自在外地过年的感伤。不知何时何日再共能享这份天伦之乐。。。 但愿人长久,千里共婵眷。

我这儿的时钟已过了12点,那岂不是大年初一了!恭喜发财! 在家乡的家人们必定还在慢尝那顿团圆饭 。披着疲惫身躯的我,刚从妇产部值班12小时回来,誓要写完这份稿才安心,忽然想起家母时常说的一句话:‘[广东音]好就女人,不好就累人‘,真好笑!


Sunday, February 7, 2010


I'm back in Christchurch!

Everything is already well settled. My new accommodation at ymca is fine, the only thing i hate about it is that the hostel does not provide internet service. So i gotta walk to school everyday just to reconnect myself to the virtual world.

The weather here is still quite cozy, so happy to be able to wear singlet and sleep at night. Met a few juniors and seniors, glad to catch up with them again.

The school starts tomorrow, officially. O&G is my first run, omg omg..... My biggest fear because repro was never my strong subject, and now i'm getting it for my first posting, please have mercy on me! Gotta be strong and nail it!

Interesting fact to share with you all. Do you know February 2010 has 4 Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays? It only happens every 11 year. So have a great February!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Auckland Seafood Festival

Last Sunday, James brought us to this annual Auckland Seafood Festival at Viaduct. The place was pretty secluded and it took us more half an hour to walk to that place. General admission to the event was $15, but no free food provided, sob sob.....
Apart from food stalls, Auckland Seafood Festival also set up a few stages for various performances at different corners. Highlight of the day, i believed, was the cooking demostration by a big chef, sadly i wasn't the type that enter the kitchen and ignite the stove.

Walking along the pier after paying the entrance fee, bee ling was the cameraman

James: "yo people, let's go" ... Kee Ping: "wait till i finish posing"

Very nice grilled salmon

New World Supermarket booth. The platter only costed $5 *ain't what you do is the way that you do it*

Good food must be shared together

Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Birthday

Memorable birthday celebration at Auckland. Thank you so much, my friends!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Summer Retreat at Gold Coast

A vacation inspired from a swimming session at Vista Commonwealth C pool, was regarded as a joke at the beginning but after 'a meticulous proper' planning, we finally had made this dream came true.

You know, i always had been a big fan of AirAsia "Now Everyone Can Fly". But after this flight from KL to Gold Coast, i am indeed very disappointed with its service. Before i booked the ticket, i knew this would be a long haul flight, so i decided to pay more and buy its XL seat, which supposed to have bigger leg room and able to recline more compare to the economy one. Unfortunately the reality wasn't consistent to whatever they advertised on the internet. The seat was definitely bigger than the usual one and there is ample of leg room, however what i needed the most was the recliner. Guess what, all the XL seats cannot be reclined! According to a air stewardess, she said this is an old airplane, only the XL seats in the new plane can be reclined. WHAT!!! I felt so cheated! I had a bigger seat, so what? my arse isn't that fat! I had bigger leg room, so what? my leg isn't that long! Not to mention the RM12 baby's portion nasi briyani, ew.......

Thus the whole 8 hours in the mid air was really tormenting. And that's not all, i was stopped by a custom officer and interrogated for a few more minutes after we landed. Luckily they didn't asked me to enter a room and strip. Do i look like a terrorist? Hmph....gotta do some make over soon.

The first thing we did after checking in to the hotel was Zzzzzzz. Exploration of the town only started after we snoozed for a couple of hours. In general, gold coast is a pretty place. The beaches from Main Beach to Surfers Paradise to Broadbeach were sandy and fine. Temperature wise, panas! We could hardly walk on the beach barefooted because it was sizzling hot. That's why i don't understand why the Caucasians can stay under the sun for so long without feeling burned.

The main purpose of visiting Gold Coast was definitely not sun bathing at the beach, but because of the theme parks. We managed to enter 4 theme parks across 5 days. One word to conclude all theme parks: Queuing. All theme parks were so damn crowded because it's summer holiday. Lesson learned.

Pictures certainly could describe my excitement more than words. Enjoy!

International Beach Resort, the place where we stayed. It is just 5 minutes walk away from the core of Surfers Paradise.

The view from our apartment's balcony

Trying to do a jumping shot at the beach

Surfers Boulevard, the centre of Surfers Paradise

Pasific Fair, the biggest shopping centre in Gold Coast

The alcoholic and her triple platinum margaritta

Dracula's Carbaret Show, Vampirates. It is a very interesting place, the whole buidling is decorated with dracula's concept, even the waiters and workers put on funny make up.

At King Tut's Putt Putt, for golfer wannabe. I guess we were the oldest player apart from the parents who accompanied their young kids

This is the Egytian Course, 18 holes in total. James was the winner, scoring the highest score

The last hole of the course. Posing victoriously with the king cobra statue

Theme Park 1: Wet n Wild

Got sunburned over my shoulders even though i had put on sunblock, sob sob......

Theme Park 2: Movie World

Cartoon Characters' Parade

Best roller coaster, Superman's MRT (not sure if it's offcial name). The ride's speed was exhilarating and the best of all was that the queue wasn't too long

Cute pig statue & me, hehe!

Posing at the Main Street of Movie World before we left

Theme Park 3: Dreamworld

Did i tell you that koala bear is so adorable? It looked like a soft toy when i pet it. Wish i could rear one in my house

James and his sno kon, something like ice kacang but without kacang

Swarna hot flushing with her $10 fan

Special performance from MTV

Posing at the Animal Island with kangaroos hooping here and there at the sides. We didn't take much pictures from the rides because we were too dazed to do so. Oh, we are proud to say that we had tried the world tallest freefall, The Giant Drop, haha!

Theme Park 4: Sea World

The sea lion peformed really well

Nice shot from James. But i still prefered the dolphin performance in Ocean Park, HK

Thank you Swarna and James, i really enjoyed this last vacation before our graduation. Next vacation at Six Flags, US perhaps? Haha!