Sunday, February 21, 2010

Cozy Weekend

After a week of hectic schedule, i decided to take a short break over this weekend. Not going to do much study but just wanna have a good rest and recharge my energy for next week's work.

Went to limin's potluck party and ate alot of nice food and biscuits. Luckily my cycling helped me to burn out the excessive calories, so hopefully there was no extra weight gain after the feast. Weather was awesome, tummy was filled, watched couple of nice movies, what else could i complain of such a fantastic weekend?

Next friday night would be my second last shift at the birthing suite, please give me some normal vaginal delivery case......

Just finished watching Fame, this dance was smoking hot!

Monday, February 15, 2010


Just finished my second session at the birthing suite. Unlucky me, still has no chance of watching a woman does the most noble thing on earth, which is to give birth to a baby, normally.

As usual, monday blues, i used enormous of strength to pull me out from the comfy bed and went to birthing suite and hoping there would be some interesting case for me to watch. The session was started pleasantly by meeting a nice male O&G consultant who brought me along with his team to visit a lady who was about to be induced in order to deliver a baby by today. That time i was thinking it's gonna be my lucky day. So i went back to the room to build up some rapport with the mother like what a student should do even though we don't feel like doing it most of the time.

The mother gave me her permission, but she worried that her husband might not be ok with a male student standing in the room during the delivery. Few hours later her husband came and he really was not ok for me to watch his wife giving birth. WTFFFFF........ I'm not doing anything to your wife, for goodness sake, my presence is definitely, utterly, solely on academic purpose. Chill..... so i just let my female colleague went in and watched the delivery. Wasted all the rapport built.

Then another potential case came in. I asked the midwife to get consent from the mother. She said yea. And guess what, she never came back to me until the chief midwife went in and asked her again. The midwife was a real bi*ch! I saw her so many times at the corridor and she could just ignored my request as if it's not important. Hey, i need to fill my log book, ok? Of course with her attitude like that, the mother also turned me down.

However, at least after this incident, i know who shall i rely on and who shall i loathe at. The chief midwife, Rhonda, is the nicest person in the suite. She purposely stayed back after her shift just to make sure the midwives get back to us. After so many big no-no to my face, she even consoled me and said, 'those midwives just don't understand that this is a teaching hospital and they should convince the patients to let you all go in and learn, and it's gonna be harder for you because you are a guy!'

Sexist! Chauvinist!

Sunday, February 14, 2010



回想以往的除夕夜,是多么的令人雀跃万分。 久违的亲戚,压岁钱,满宴,烟花,贺岁片,假期,红包,零食等都让每个小孩眉开眼笑。中学以后到外地求学,除夕夜变得更具有意义,深受体会团圆饭的重要性。尤其是那一刹那与多日不见的双亲重逢,不管生活有多艰难,你都会知道他们永远的默默支持你,守护你 ,站在那扇永不关闭的家门口。

去年年尾假期有幸与家人团聚,已足以补尝今年独自在外地过年的感伤。不知何时何日再共能享这份天伦之乐。。。 但愿人长久,千里共婵眷。

我这儿的时钟已过了12点,那岂不是大年初一了!恭喜发财! 在家乡的家人们必定还在慢尝那顿团圆饭 。披着疲惫身躯的我,刚从妇产部值班12小时回来,誓要写完这份稿才安心,忽然想起家母时常说的一句话:‘[广东音]好就女人,不好就累人‘,真好笑!


Sunday, February 7, 2010


I'm back in Christchurch!

Everything is already well settled. My new accommodation at ymca is fine, the only thing i hate about it is that the hostel does not provide internet service. So i gotta walk to school everyday just to reconnect myself to the virtual world.

The weather here is still quite cozy, so happy to be able to wear singlet and sleep at night. Met a few juniors and seniors, glad to catch up with them again.

The school starts tomorrow, officially. O&G is my first run, omg omg..... My biggest fear because repro was never my strong subject, and now i'm getting it for my first posting, please have mercy on me! Gotta be strong and nail it!

Interesting fact to share with you all. Do you know February 2010 has 4 Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays? It only happens every 11 year. So have a great February!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Auckland Seafood Festival

Last Sunday, James brought us to this annual Auckland Seafood Festival at Viaduct. The place was pretty secluded and it took us more half an hour to walk to that place. General admission to the event was $15, but no free food provided, sob sob.....
Apart from food stalls, Auckland Seafood Festival also set up a few stages for various performances at different corners. Highlight of the day, i believed, was the cooking demostration by a big chef, sadly i wasn't the type that enter the kitchen and ignite the stove.

Walking along the pier after paying the entrance fee, bee ling was the cameraman

James: "yo people, let's go" ... Kee Ping: "wait till i finish posing"

Very nice grilled salmon

New World Supermarket booth. The platter only costed $5 *ain't what you do is the way that you do it*

Good food must be shared together