Friday, June 27, 2008

Stress and Tension

Watching Grey's Anatomy has been my stress reliever recently, as this is my only entertainment that i can enjoy. However yesterday's episode was really stressful... The episode showed the group of surgical interns were preparing for their exam, so they gathered together and asked each other questions. Thus, the stress of exam even haunted me when i took a short break off.

Well, that's not bad. Guess what the questions that those interns asked each other. The first question was 'what is Conn's syndrome?' OMG, is that a question for surgical intern? Even a second year medical student could answer that. So the show continued by all of the interns trying to figure out what was the answer, and even the smartest character, Christina Yang was having a hard time in giving the correct answer.

I know that's just a show, in real life, it won't be that easy, but i wish my upcoming eos exam will be that simple, haha!

Friday, June 20, 2008

The days are approaching

It is the season of examination, the atmosphere of tension is clouding the whole bukit jalil (or maybe it's just me, haha). Anyway, nothing much happening here except revise, study and memorize all the notes and books that i can grab on. Can't really say that i hate it, because when i think of the future long hour working days, especially during housemanship, i'm actually quite contented with present situation.

Of course, i'm really anticipating the holidays after the final exam. No stress from study, no sense of guilt from watching movies, no curfew from playing dota in the midnight, wow...can't wait for it any longer...

Suddenly i have this craving for tau fu far, yes, 'far' not 'fah', because this term is specifically for the stall at sri petalling. Well, it is considered as one of the best tau fu far that i ever tasted, neither soft nor hard, plain yet still preserve the taste of soy, in conclusion, try it yourself!

I still remember my mum used to make tau fu far when she is free, her tau fu far is a bit agar-ish, not the typical one that you can find it on the market, sorry can't let you taste it, but here's the picture that i took several months ago, really miss it.

far from my hometown

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Third Sunday of June

You are the greatest dad on earth

Saturday, June 14, 2008


I can't really remember when did it happen, i only know that it happened on a sunday, when the whole vista c was quite and silent...

This was an incident that i tried not to remember, because i am very disappointed on myself, but i cannot let it happen again, so i mustn't forget it. In fact, i should face it with courage and avoid the same mistake again.

So the story began with me strolling to the balcony to take in a few breath of fresh air, but before i could do so, i saw clouds of thick and dark smoke coming out from the construction site beside vista c. The smoke expanded very fast and covered almost the whole building within a few minutes. Fire was seen at the base of building, accompanied by some crackling sounds. Basically i stood there and watched the whole process going on. Since it was such a special occasion, i quickly took my camera and took a snap on it. Apparently i'm not alone, i even saw a man holding a professional camera and stood at the vista carpark to took an upclose shot.

Fire at the construction site

On the other block, james also witnessed what's going on at the construction site. He also took a snap on this 'magnificent scenery'. But being a good samaritan, he called the bomba first before he took out his camera phone and capture the scene. Less than half an hour, the bomba squad came and put off the fire.

I'm so ashamed of myself, for being such a bad civilian, who ignored the most basic responsibilities while staying in a community where everyone ought to look after each other. No, i just stood there and did nothing. What's the difference of me compared to those people who like to babble about what they've seen but not what they've done? Where is my conscience? I really hate myself..

Thanks to james, the building is fine now

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mummy

Don't worry, i won't reveal your age, haha

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I have been wanting to be enter the category of underweight since ages ago, but it never happen due to my gluttony. But luckily i'm always at the category of normal, which sometimes people tend not to appreciate it till something bizarre happen.

Yesterday when i wore my belt, i sensed something different. Normally when i buckle up till the last hole, i would feel just nice, but yesterday after buckling, it hung loosely on my waist. Well, that's weird but i didn't really care and continued my day.

At night when i went over to james's house, i weighted myself at the scale, and guess what, my weight had dropped from 55kg to 52kg. Then we quickly calculated the BMI, and i got 19.1. Not really consider as underweight but it's exactly at the border between normal and underweight. I should be very happy as this is what i have been looking for, but surprisingly i'm quite worry. When we think of symptom of losing weight, we think of.....cancer, but i do hope that it's just hypochondriasis, haha!

By the way, yesterday when i studied the health issues note, it says that women's peak attractiveness is having a BMI of 19. Clearly it is not applicable for men, sigh...

Should i maintain it?

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Dear Caryn...

Mother and son? Cousins?

Sometimes i picture myself studying with you in Belfast for the next 3 years, it would be so cool! We'll be spending endless time wandering around the town and eat any food that flashes into our sight. Then most probably we'll fly to aberdeen once a month to visit your kev kev so that our 'dysfunctional family' can reunite, haha!

I hope you do understand that i choose to appeal is not that i don't want to be with you, it's just UK is not my cup of tea. That day when i got the PMS result, i was pretty devastated. But knowing that you are going there with me was the biggest console that i ever needed. Anyway, all the best in your future and i will definitely miss you...

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Welcome to the 21 club!

Thursday, June 5, 2008


After all the drama that we had gone through, finally everything is resolved.

We got back our appeal letter justnow, guess what, i am not going to Queen's university anymore, instead i'm going to University of Otago next year. Hooray..... For swarna, she got University of Auckland. Though we can't be studying at the same school, at least we are at the same continent, and we are really glad of this result. All of us jumped in joy once we saw the letter stating that we are able to transfer to new zealand. Actually it's quite embarrassing to behave hysterically in front of AAD when i think back now...hehe =)

I called my mum to tell her the good news, but she answered: "ok, i'm in a training class now, call you later." That's the response i got, never mind, i know she will call back soon and screams through the phone, haha! Then i called my sister, before i could say anything, she said: " i'll call you back!" proceeded by she rejecting my call. Wow, my family seems not really interested in my PMS. But later my sister called back, she was very thrilled and happy for me, she even asked me to book air ticket now as the price might increases soon.

Since everything is fine now, i shall continue with my study. Pass the EOS and spread my wings to fly...

Monday, June 2, 2008

We can get through this!

Sunday, June 1, 2008


Things just don't turn up as i wish, i didn't get my first choice of PMS, instead i got my 10th choice. I keep on asking myself, am i really that bad till auckland refuse to accept me?

I'm really tired of blaming that idiotic matching system, which has such a low transparency that make us feel so confused. Though i'm not in the dean's list, at least i'm not at the bottom of the whole batch, plus i have plenty of ECA testimonials supporting me, so what criteria are they really judging on? I'm lost again...

Thanks to all my beloved friends who stayed by our sides when we received the depressing news. You all really mean a lot to me.

Queen's University of Belfast, University of Otago, University of Auckland, which university will determine my next 3 years of life?