Sunday, March 28, 2010

Moving On To 2nd Week of Paed

I can't believe my first week in paediatric is over. Time flies...

Recaping my last week's activities: never ending lectures/tutorials, went to a school for mentally handicapped kids, went to a Plunket centre at Lyttelton. During our visit to these schools, we need to play with the kids and observe their development at the same time. Sadly to say that i couldn't handle kids very well, i almost made one kid cry and ran away from me (luckily the mum didn't notice, phew....). Then i saw this baby with big blue eyes, so cute. Felt like pinching his cheek if i'm alone with him in the room, haha!

This attachment is definitely not as slacky or as easy as other people said. I have so many things to work on. I will nail it, gambate!

Easter is coming, so as my one week break, hehe!

Chocolate Bunny from Restaurant City

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Next Run

This week has been very cozy and slackly because we only had 2 days of Maori teaching. The rest of the week were actually free. Nothing could be better than sleeping in and eating brunch everyday entertained by a series of movies that i stored in my computer. Sadly time of leisure often passes without us noticing it. Guess my energy has well recharged and replenished over this weekend. Tomorrow will be the first day of my next run, paediatrics. Hope i guess to see lots of cute small kids, like Stewie in Family Guy. (oh, i have been so addicted to the cartoon series, it is so funny and brainless, haha)

This is Stewie Griffin, isn't he adorable?

Took this picture before my neonatal bedside teaching. Look at this stethoscope for newborn, so small and cute!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Hi Mummy

It's so nice to see my mum again, via webcam. Technology really connects people all around the world. Miss my family.....

Very happy that iloveim is working for video call

Look at the camera and smile!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Finishing First Run

Next week will be my final week in O&G, time flies, isn't it? There are lots of presentation i need to prepare, and a scary end of attachment exam next tuesday. Omg, i hope i won't be freaking out.

No more duty at the birthing suite, and i still have no normal delivery case, sob sob.... Last friday night i followed this patient from 3am till 12pm, hoping it will be a case in my log book. Unfortunately it ended up as emergency caesarean section due to some problem. Sigh.... save me!!!

Today i got praised from a gynaecology surgeon and an anaethetist, happy happy!