Thursday, August 27, 2009

Beh's 24th Birthday

We celebrated Ah Beh's birthday on Tuesday night, after our haematology test (very tricky paper....). His actual birthday was on monday, but he said it would be better if we postponed the outing. Besides nobody would have the mood to celebrate one night prior to the exam, in fact, everyone was pretty stressed up on monday night.

So we had dinner at China Bistro on Tuesday night. This was the second time we visited the place. I chose the place because ah beh liked it very much, and i personally felt the restaurant was not bad, in terms of price and food quality of course.

After the dinner, raenna went back and eng ann brought us to ancestral to have bubble tea, which ah beh had been craving for since ever. We chatted till late night, but my tummy was bloated like a pig till next morning, haha!

Ah Beh, happy birthday again!
Bee Ling, happy belated birthday! ( i already wished you in fb yesterday)
Kajen, happy birthday in advance! (will wish you again in fb tomorrow, hehe!)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Nice Video by Yasmin Ahmad

Reality? Discover it yourself!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Cultural Night 2009

Yesterday was the first time i attended Cultural Night in our school, which organized by CMSA (Canterbury Medical Students Association) annually. All you needed to pay to attend this event was just a gold coin donation, plus dinner and wine were served before the event started, wasn't it awesome?

I personally like the opening video very much. It used the song 'I gotta a feeling' and compiled a few clips in which some students gave the welcome speech in different languages, ranging from Maori to French. I miss doing video with aaron while we were in imu bukit jalil.

The Curry Laksa Boys (eng ann's idea, not mine, haha!)

Anyway, me and eng ann took part in one of the performances. Our performance consisted of some singing, dancing and acting. The song that we used was pussycat doll's 'jai ho' and eng ann changed the lyrics with laksa and swine flu themed. It was really hilarious and luckily the crowd loved it.

And the most shoking thing was, i won the best dressed of the night with the qurta i bought in Bangalore! Of course i need to give the credit to james and swarna who provided their precious opinion when i bought the outfit last year, haha!

My prize for the award (apparently it worths $120, yeah!)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Today when i came back home from school, i saw this envelope lying in front of my doorstep. I'm sure you know how exciting it could be when you receive a mail like this. Without hesitant, i quickly opened it, it's a DVD of my sister wedding which held in the middle of June this year.

Not being able to attend my sister's wedding is one of the regrets in my life. It was such a joyful moment and yet i wasn't there.... In the video, i saw my parents waving here and there, i saw my siblings popping out the screen intermittently, i saw my relatives sending their best wishes, and most of all, i saw my sister smiling with her true love.

I miss my family....

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Raenna's Birthday

Happy Birthday, Raenna Chan! (not going to reveal your age, don't worry, haha!)

Last Tuesday, we (occupants of 14 Gloucester aka flatmates) went out to a japanese restaurant called @Tony's in Riccarton to have early celebration. We went there at lunch time, so not many choices. Overall, the food is ok.

Group photo after the lunch (ah beh seemed a little bit too excited?)

Raenna and me at Hagley Park

After the lunch, we walked to Riccarton Mall and wasted a few hours there loitering without getting anything. It was a fun day though.

Raenna, hope you had a great day!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Self-directed Learning Week

This whole week is known as 'self directed learning week', which mean we are supposed to study by ourselves for whatever subjects we like. Without assessment, without homework, without attendance taken, do you think we as normal student will 'direct' ourselves to sit in front of a book and study? Haha, of course not!

So what have i been doing? As the previous post had noted, i just got a facebook account, yeah! At the same time, being the newbie in fb, i was teased by many friends, but that's alright. I also got the chance to catch up with so many friends that write 'hey, long time no see' on my wall, haha!

My growing restaurant

FB is a real addiction, especially its games. I just can't get my hands off the game, Restaurant City. Luckily i am having holidays, oops wrong word, i should say self-directed learning week. I'm totally wasting time and procrastinating all the homeworks which due on september. Anyway, back to Restaurant City, it's a very fun game. I hire my friends as my workers and operate a restaurant, feel like playing The Sims but in a more interactive way.

To all my friends who play Restaurant City, feel free to add me to get free ingredient (coz i need lots of ingredient too, haha!)

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Hello people, finally i set up a facebook account. Surprised? Haha, i'm surprised too!

Have been doing nothing these 2 days, of course i'm not complaining, it's just pretty boring because i'm too lazy to get something to do. So i sit in front of the computer, and suddenly the thought of getting a facebook and following the trend came into my mind. In the end, here i am, still learning how to use facebook. I feel like i'm a 80 year old grandpa trying to keep up to date now, haha!

Anyway, to all my friends who already have facebook account ages ago, please add me as friend.