Saturday, March 22, 2008

Bed time story #1

Long long time ago, there was a young man who always complain about his stressful life. He wanted to get rid of the entire burden, thus he went to a philosopher who stayed at the bottom of the hill and hoped that the wise man could help him.

After the philosopher listened to his story, he gave the young man a basket and said: “Take this basket and walk up to the hill. But for every step that you take, you need to pick up something and put it into the basket. By the time you reach the summit, you will know the answer.” So the young man immediately began his journey with great passion of searching the answer.

At the beginning, the young man was very enthusiastic and energetic. He picked up everything that he thought was the best or the most beautiful thing into his basket. Every time he put something inside, he felt very fulfilling because he thought he owned the world’s most beautiful ornament. So the young man finished one third of the journey with laughter and joy.

However, the basket was getting heavier because the things that he collected had increased gradually, so as the burden that he felt on his shoulder. But this young man was very determined to finish the journey, he kept on encouraged himself that the destination was getting nearer and nearer…

Hence the next one third of the journey was getting harder and more torturous. At this time, he didn’t really care what was beautiful or what was precious. In order not to let the basket becoming heavier, he only chose things that were very tiny in size, or things that were needy. He did that because he deeply believed that sacrifices were inevitable if he wanted to finish the journey. But he also knew that even putting the lightest thing on earth would not reduce the weight of the basket, in fact the weight would increased till he couldn’t bear with it. Nevertheless the young man hadn’t given it up yet, he still picked up the weighty basket and headed to his destination.

Now the young man had reached the final one third of the journey. He knew the journey would end soon. At this time, he didn’t give a damn to things that were beautiful or light, he was totally fed up with all these material. What he would pick up was objects that were within his reach, and regard them as tokens of his journey. The rest he would just left it behind.

Finally he saw the philosopher standing at the summit, he took a breath and marched toward the ending. Once he touched the hand of the philosopher, he said: “I don’t really know the answer, but now, I don’t need it anymore”.

The End…

Story Review: In the story, the journey was divided into 3 parts, and each part represents the 3 stages of life, which are youth, middle age and old age. In our youth time, we are innocent and like to choose things that are gorgeous in our heart. With no pressure and worries, we just pick it up. Then when we come to middle age, we will start picking up things that are useful or needy because we know that we can’t behave as naïve as we were before, and there are lots of responsibilities on our shoulder that we can’t ignore. And finally in old age, we will pick up and appreciate things that are being abandoned by most of the people.

That’s life and that are the stages we need to go through. Life is not simple, but we can make it interesting!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Digimon fever is back

Do these toys recall your childhood memory?

Teddymon, isn't it lovely?

Can’t believe I am playing the toys that I used to play when I was in primary school. It’s all started by James, who suddenly brought back all his digimon collection after CNY, ranging from generation 1 till generation 9. Since he also bought batteries for all of them, so might as well we all start playing.

At the beginning, everyone is very enthu about it, but now I am the only one (and also kevin) who is still taking care of these virtual pets. But luckily I am holding 3 digimons, which mean one can be the dummy, another one can be my main digimon, and then the last one is just extra because it is generation 5.

I am still in the mood of playing this old toy because I still haven’t got my ultimate digimon yet, which is Teddymon. FYI, teddymon is the strongest digimon in the first generation, but you have to get it through Numemon, which is the lousiest digimon on earth. Besides teddymon is the cutest compared to the others, it is so adorable and fat…feel like pinching its tummy now, haha! However thing wasn’t going well for me, the digimon that I rear either died or transformed to Darkmon which I don’t want, wasting all my time to restart its life cycle again and again.

But, I still haven’t giving it up yet, I will strive my best till I get my cute cute Teddymon. Wish me good luck!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Happy Birthday, Bro!



17岁,意味着你已快成为一个成年人,是时候抛开惜日的幼稚与恶习,开始筹备和策划为来。人生短促,记得要活的精彩,活的快乐,这才无愧于自己。我依然记得当初你曾经与我谈过你的为来, 你说要成为一个会计师, 我心感安慰, 希望你能继续朝向这个梦想迈进,不退缩。