Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Toy

My latest toy, radio clock! Have been looking for a descent radio clock for quite some time. Finally i met this beautiful creature. Love its modern metallic design with adjustable blue digital screen. What's so great about this clock is that it has projector on the side, which mean at night if i would like to check the time, all i have to do is just looking up to the ceiling. No more rolling over or straining the sleepy eyes. Isn't it brilliant?

Sunday, March 20, 2011


There was a rumour spreading like diseases around Christchurch recently. It said there would be another big earthquake near March 20th. The man who started this rumour was known as Moon Man, simply because he made the prediction based on the moon's activity.

However, geology scientists said nobody can predict the next quake attack and denied the credibility of the Moon Man's theory.
This rumour had somehow executed its mass hysteria effect on this poor community. Lots of families are stockpiling groceries at home. Some even decided to leave the city for a short while.
It's March 20 today. No major earthquake, just one slight tremor few hours ago. Phew... hope the guy's premonition was just a trash talk.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Earthquake Getaway

A spontaneous road trip turned out to be a blast! Me and the Elizabeth Street girls (sin mei, xiao li and jane) spent 3 days 2 nights exploring the northern region of South Island, eg Nelson, Malborough and North Canterbury. Actually it was pretty hectic to cover so many places within the short time frame. Nevertheless, we did it and proud of it!
First day: Left Christchurch in the late morning. Went straight to Hanmer Spring. Paid extra 10 bucks for the slides. Gosh, it was really fun! Spent 2 hours dipping inside the thermal pool. Felt my skin was smoother. Psychological? Haha! Hit the road after late lunch. Drove for approximately 6 hours to reach Nelson. Stayed in Mid-City Lodge rooftop apartment. Nice location, friendly owner, spa bath, what else do you want?
Second day: Went to Nelson i-Site to find out what to do. Wanted to do sea kayaking, but it needed booking one day prior. Sigh... Finally decided to do salmon fishing. So we drove all the way to the west side- Takaka. Spent half of the day there. Came back to Nelson and zzzz.....
Third day: Left Nelson and drove to Malborough. Stopped at Havelock for fresh mussels. Visited Picton and Blenheim with lightning speed. Went to Kaikoura for dinner later on. Ended the trip with Jane driving us back to Christchurch.

First dinner at Nelson, Stonegrill Restaurant. Unfortunately we were too frugal to order any stone grilled meal. This was my pork fillet with risotto. Quite Nice.

Me and Sin Mei standing at the end of Trafalgar Street, Nelson

Me and Xiao Li at Nelson Cathedral

Sin Mei and Xiao Li standing in front of Trafalgar Park (stadium)

Eating real fruit ice cream (banana plus mixed berries) at Motueka. $4.50 each. Can add in yogurt if you want (ew....)

Nelson's WOW Museum (World of Wearable Arts and Classic Cars). Normal student price: $16, but we got further discount to $10 because we are from Christchurch, yeah! Not allowed to take pictures in the Wearable Arts section, so we took a few from the cars section.

My mafia car (outside WOW Museum)

The girls and Austin Power's car

Salmon fishing at Lake Anatoki, Takaka

Managed to get one salmon after being helped by a group of friendly customers. It ain't easy to fish... Posing victoriously with our catch! It weighed approximately 1.8kg.

Fresh smoked salmon, yum yum!

Havelock's Mussel Pot. Nicest mussels i have ever taste.

Me and Jane at Queen's Garden, Nelson

Jane and Sin Mei at Queen's Garden, Nelson

At Picton. Interislander ship at the background.

Blenheim's chocolate factory

Tossing a stone at Queen Charlotte Sound

Somewhere near Kaikoura. Awesome scenary. Able to see wild seal at the sea side.

What a great road trip! Thanks peeps!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Extra Pocket Money

It feels like i have been having holiday for ages due to the earthquake. In fact, i just came back from a road trip around the top of south island. Thanks to the ang pao worth 300 bucks from our caring government, haha!

More pictures update soon.