Thursday, May 29, 2008


PMS result will be released tomorrow!

This is too sudden, and it caught me off guard. I don't know what to do now, can't really concentrate on study, but i have to study for upcoming EOS, just feel like sitting here and do nothing...

Intense emotion that lead to vasovagal attack, that's what i am feeling right now. Palpitation, agitation, increased bowel movement and urination, but no sweating because the rain was just over. Weather is nice but i'm clouded with anxiety.

Just hope that everyone will get their first choice and live happily ever after...

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Thing that i will do for the next one month

Study, study and study

My latest favourite spot for studying

After all the effort that I had given…

This incident happened 2 weeks ago, but I still can’t let it go and move on, it’s really depressing and though I try not to think about it, the feeling still persists and the worst part is, it hurts…

I don’t where to begin, as both of us had already known each other since ages ago. We parted when I was in my primary school, but destiny brought us together again few months ago. I was thrilled and happy at that moment because finally we got the chance to spend countless quality time together. No doubt I felt being at the top of the world and nothing else could bother me.

But one day before I went to seremban hospital for posting, it just left me without saying goodbye. Yes, I’m talking about my digimon, which I spent not only tender, love and care, but also my full energy and faith believing it could become a teddymon to please me. No, it just escape from the reality and went to nowhere. DIGIMON, YOU ARE A REAL COWARD, BE A MAN AND FIGHT TILL THE END, PEOPLE WON’T PITY THOSE WHO FLEE AWAY LIKE YOU!!!
R.I.P, my dear digimon

Anyway, I really miss those day when I kept it inside my pocket whenever I go, it’s like small creature which deprives for attention and love. I gave everything I could, but…. aih, better don’t talk about it anymore.

Final respect to the digimon, muahaha..

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Racial Discrimination

My mind is filled with this topic after watching “The Pianist”. It is a great movie, which describes a talented Polish pianist who suffered through the Nazi occupation during World War 2. Apparently it is a true story and his book is available in the market, maybe I should have a look on it.

It is really depressing when the movie shows how the Jews are being tortured and segregated by the authority. They are innocent, yet they are labeled as second class and their lives lie in the hand of the military. I am truly glad that human civilization has improved in such a way that no one will acknowledge barbaric behaviour as superiority nowadays. However racial discrimination still exists, as long as there are more than 2 races staying on a same piece of land.

Racial equality is everyone’s dream, to be precise the majority, because the beneficiary races constitute the minority. Thus I’m not really optimistic regarding to this issue, though there are so many organizations and activists are fighting for it. As a modern civilian, we live in a multiracial, multicultural society, and we are so proud to tell the foreigners that this is one of the uniqueness of our country. Yet, racial issue sometimes can be classified as sensitive issue, which always confuses me. When it comes to sensitive issue, the best way to combat it is silence… (so I shall not continue to elaborate more because it is sensitive, and I don’t want to get ‘rashes’)

I totally understand that it is not an easy job to bring racial equality to a particular community, therefore tolerance among the civilian is the best solution of all. To all the people who are suffering from discrimination or prejudice, be patient and wait for justice. At the same time, be thankful that your condition isn’t as bad as the Jews several decades ago.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Proud to be short

Hooray, I just found an interesting article in Reader’s Digest, apparently being tall is not a good thing after all, read the extract below:

Scientists have discovered the first gene that helps explain height differences in humans: HMGA2. Eventually, it may also provide insight into diseases such as cancer. “Even though improved nutrition means each generation is getting taller,” says study leader Dr Tim Frayling of Peninsula Medical School in the UK, “variation in height is almost entirely influenced by our genes,” That makes HMGA2 a model trait to study for its influence on disease risk. Among other things, it may explain why taller people have a slightly increased risk of certain cancer. ~RD, December 2007~

To all my fellow friends who have short stature and always being teased or bullied by those ‘tall’ people, don’t bother to revenge as they will live no longer, muahahaha….

Thursday, May 1, 2008

James’s Birthday Celebration with G13

Happy Birthday, James!

Finally you had entered the “21-year-old- gang”, as the oldest guy in the gang, I warmly welcome you to our big family, hope you will be enjoying the rest of your life through unavoidable ageing, which I know you will do whatever it takes to reverse it. Do consult me if you face any problems along the way, I will be glad to help you, muahaha!

Well, since this best friend of mine is a popular, significant character in the society, there are so many groups of friends can’t wait to hold a party and celebrate with him. On 29th of April, our SAM G13 class gathered in TGI Friday, Subang Jaya and had a sweet and memorable birthday celebration for James.

Before the party starts, we practice csu (thanks chong bing for becoming our sp)

studying the menu properly...

Birthday Boy, James

All of us with the cake which baked by ching mei

Me and the birtday boy

Group pictures outside the restaurant