Monday, December 17, 2007

Glasses and Contact Lens

People who wear contact lens definitely will have a pair of glasses somewhere in the room; but people who wear glasses may not own a pair of contact lens. Two different objects, which serve the same purpose, but being held by a unique relationship, really amazed me.

I have both of them, and of course it must be started with glasses. Before my eyes started losing its ability to see far, I always admired those people who wear glasses because it looked cool, especially those poster model. Cool, in the mentality of a childish kid, it simply meant special than others. So I kept on dreaming when would I have the chance to wear glasses. Finally, ‘dream’ came true. I am short-sighted and I need to wear glasses. I still remembered the first time when I wore on the glasses, it felt like a make-over, as if I had changed into another person. I enjoyed putting this extra’ accessory’ on my face, made sure it was with me all the time. At that moment, I was so contented and I felt that I could see the world more clearly. However, this feeling didn’t last long till I found out that glasses also could give me some inconvenience. Friends no longer took it as a criterion of coolness, but love making fun of it. I started to hate wearing glasses, but I had no choice, I had to wear or my vision would go blur.

Then contact lens came across my mind. After years of wearing glasses, I thought I am mature enough to wear contact lens, so I leave my glasses inside my house most of the time, sometimes even ignore it. By wearing the contact lens, I can hide my disability of my eyes, as well as get rid of the funny glasses. I am totally exalted with it. Furthermore, not many people afford to own a pair of contact lens, and it makes me feel more special. However, there must be a fall after a rise. Sooner I find out that contact lens actually is a high maintenance for me, it is consider as a luxury. Every night I have to dip it with multipurpose solution, rub it with extra care because if it is too soft, I can’t cleanse away the dirt and if it is too hard, I could tear it apart. Not only that, I can’t wear it for too long, I can’t sleep with it, I can’t go near to fire, I can’t…. Why would I give myself so much trouble? What would I get in return? Look awesome? I doubt so.

Lying on my table is the poor glasses that I had abandoned for quite sometimes. Both glasses and contact lens serve the same purpose, why should I have preference over them? It’s unfair, cruel and unreasonable. I do understand both objects have certain limitation and flaws, but when I need the aid to see the world, both of them never fail to function.

Anyway, it would be great if I have perfect vision, then problems like this won’t arise.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


I am sure everyone has experience in losing something, or maybe someone. The feeling is disastrous, devastating and upsetting. I just had this kind of feeling last Friday night…

The story begins with me plugging my USB cable from my handphone to my computer. As usual, the connection is troublesome and I always have to make adjustment till the connection is well established. Unfortunately, this time my computer is unable to recognize the cable and the connection is interrupted all the time. Thus I plug away the cable and BOOM… No explosion, of course, but I find my phone lying on the table, blinking its screen. I turn it off and hope it will resolve to its normal state. However it doesn’t help, it continues blinking and technically malfunction. I hold my phone and tell myself not to panic. So I try to reconnect it to my computer and see what will happen. Nothing miraculous event happens, the screen still blinking. Oh, suddenly I remember I still have the box that contained booklet regarding the phone when I bought it. I dig it out and start reading almost every single page, but it doesn’t help. That’s the first point I want to convey in this post. Normally when we newly bought some equipment or appliances, nobody will care to read the manual as long as it is working. What will make us read the booklet is when something goes wrong, which is considered quite late to read by that time. At the same time, don’t expect all the questions can be answered in the booklet because I read it thoroughly a few times but still cannot find a solution for my problem.

Back to my story, I start to panic and I can feel adrenaline is gushing into every inch of my blood vessels. I look at the phone and frown, this is a new phone which I bought 3 months ago, how can it just spoil like that? For years I support sony erricson as if I am their biggest fan, and now I just lose my confident to this company. Second point, what you trust may end up what you hate. No further elaboration, think it in your own way.

So after that, I call James using Thrance’s phone, hoping that he will be my phone savior. He looks at it, pokes here and there, then shrugs in the end. I sit next to him, silently sobbing in my heart, how could this happen to me? James doesn’t know how to comfort me, but he lends his second phone for me to use temporally till I get my phone fixed. Third point, the first person you think of when you have trouble definitely is your best friend and you will suddenly see them as your savior in this time of crisis, even though you know they can’t do much also. Then for the rest of next day, I dip myself into the mood of depression. I start to blame a lot of factors, but I know it’s all my fault, maybe majority it’s the phone own problem, hehe! I bring out the lecture note and attempt to study, but I can’t concentrate. So I turn on all my emo, sad songs and hope this would sooth my sore heart. Not helping too! Fine, I change all my playlist to instrumental music and see if it could help. While the songs are playing, I try to read my notes again after reminding myself of the upcoming exam. Then miracle slowly comes in… my mood is getting better, in fact I stop pitying myself and the whole depression thingy just past behind my mind. Furthermore, the current playing music exactly suits my feeling. I quickly look at the playlist, guess what, it is playing Final Fantasy: The Advent Children OST- Cloud Smiles. I never notice this song is so relaxing until I have this exaggerated depression mode. Point #4, notice every single tiny thing that surround you, maybe it helps you to move on.

Because of this event, I just realize that my life has been so simple and calm. I don’t have much experience in dealing unfortunate events, especially mental challenge. I am turning 21 soon, yet I feel so immature and there are still lots of thing for me to learn and acquire. Life is all about adapting, and I am sure I can fully take charge of my life soon.

For maturity, cheerz!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

It Begins With You

Last Saturday, I had to force myself to wake up in the early morning because I signed up for an event somewhere in KL city centre. I wrote down my name in the registration list because most of my friends were enthusiastically persuading me to join few weeks ago. However after the remarkable Diwali Night on Friday night, all of my friends chose to rest at home on the next day instead of attending the event.

Since I already registered myself and felt bad to pull out, I have no choice but to drag myself to attend that event. We gathered in front of school at 9am, and the bus pulled off 15 minutes later. It brought us to a very descent place inside KL city centre, called Saloma. It is situated next to the famous club, Zouk and Renaissance Hotel. Saloma is a theatre as well as a restaurant, the whole compound is surrounded by trees and small gardens. Beside its main hall, there is another building functioned as Tourist Centre, which provides information and sells souvenirs.

Upon our arrival, we were greeted by the friendly organizing committees. After registration, we were given a document folder and served with light breakfast like bread, croissants, kuih-muih and plain water. Few minutes later, other school representatives (UPM and UM) also came in. To my astonishment, all of them wore proper formal attire and looked smart. On the other hand, we as IMU representatives wore casual clothes with jeans and khakis. After checking with Mei Ann, actually there wasn’t any dress code for this event. Phew….

Around 10am, the event officially started. This event was organized by MSD, Malaysia AIDS Society, MaSHM and participated by medical students from IMU, UPM and UM. It Begins With You, was the title of this event, emceed by Phat Fabes and Ben from FLY FM. As expected, the event began with unavoidable boring speech from the VIPs, followed by a video presentation compiled by a medical officer from Infectious Unit in Hospital Sungai Buloh. The highlight of the video was about discrimination of HIV patients, not solely from the public, but mainly from the medical staffs. That was something really hit on my head when the doctor talked about his experience in handling HIV patient. He said if you see a medical staff wearing a full, aerospace-like costume in the middle of hospital, as if preparing for a biological warfare, don’t worry, it just shows that there is a HIV patient nearby. This is not an exaggeration, it did happened and hurt a lot of patients’ brittle heart. All of the medical staffs know how HIV can be transmitted, yet they are reacting in such an ignorant attitude. Maybe we can blame the public for not understanding the mechanism of HIV spreading, but for medical staffs, there shouldn’t be any excuse. After the doctor’s presentation, 2 HIV+ patients came up to the stage and shared their stories. You wouldn’t believe how hard for them to cope with this illness, accusation and maintenance of normal life, when you hear the stories. People around them abandoned them, unable to get desired job, struggling hard just to find a purpose to stay alive. But thank god, they are living happily now and currently helping other HIV+ patients to set up a support network. Before the stories ended, they gave us a take home message: how come HIV+ people can be so positive while HIV- people can be so negative? Think….

The climax of the event came when the screen started showing entries of Photography Competition. I really need to brush up my photographing skill after watching so many nice shot. Besides, all contestants are like poet, giving impressive caption for each photo. Lucky Aaron Yeoh, who got third place in the competition, grabbed away RM500 on the day. But he was not as lucky as the UPM dude, who got first place as well as Most Thought Provoking Award, grabbed away RM2500 on the spot. What I could do was just envy him… Sigh!

For me, the best part of this event was the lunch, it was a buffet and very delicious. The Ball Committee even considering to have our last ball there. After the lunch, I entered the bus happily with a full stomach and back to Bukit Jalil.

However it was a sad day for Ching Li because she lost her camera on that day, if anyone find it please inform her as soon as possible because she really sayang the camera.

The stage in Saloma Hall

Contestants are taking their token of appreciation

Aaron Yeoh won third place in Photography Competition

IMU representatives

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The One

I try to resist myself from entering cinema recently, because my mind keeps on reminding me that there are approximately 10Gbs of movie in my laptop are waiting for me to watch. I know I should watch them as soon as possible so that I can have more free memory space, but I don’t know why I just don’t have the heart to finish all of them. Thus, I end up watching series and continue keeping them.

Most of the movies that I downloaded are old movies, which I didn’t get the chance to watch when it was first released, or some weird movies that posted on the China website that I found it interesting just by its title. For instance, a French movie called ‘La Vie Rose’, it is a half musical half drama movie, very unique and inspiring. And another award winning China movie entitled ‘Fury of Glory’ 光荣的愤怒,sounds very interesting but after watching it, I still don’t really get what the whole movie is all about. Maybe it’s just not my thing.

Then here it comes, my favorite movie that I will not hesitate to keep it inside my external hard disc, which is the trilogy of Matrix. Yes, the old movies that released at 1999(Matrix), early 2002 (Reloaded) and end of 2002 (Revolution) respectively. It is so embarrassed to tell people that I never watch Matrix before, as they were considered as pioneer of action movie with ridiculous special effects. I still remember I watch the first one right after Repro exam, and I was so amazed and overwhelmed by the movie. I like the concept, the effects, the actors, script… and almost everything. Speaking of the script, it was so philosophical that I have to pause the movie for awhile so that I can understand what are they trying to imply. I wish I could be as creative as the movie directors…

When we talk about Matrix(of course the movie, not mathematic), our attention will automatically focus around the main character, which is Neo aka Mr. Anderson aka ‘The One’. He is the super hero who saves the world and wins the beauty’s heart, even though when he is not in the scene, we would wander when will he appear again. In another word, we can say that The One is somebody that people look up to, centre of attention, or people that we care of. Back to the reality, we also recognized somebody as The One in our lives, maybe politician, community leader, celebrity, big shot or even your lover. They are the one who grab your attention unintentionally, make you to follow their order when they request, and people that you are looking for when you attend any function in the society.

What I am trying to say is, while you are gazing widely onto The One of yours, do you notice that actually there are so many insignificant people around you that you never lay your eyes on them? Do you know how they feel? What do you feel if you never get any attention from anyone? How’s their life? What do they feel when they meet The One? What do they do to balance up this psychological torment? What would they do if they desperately hunger for attention?

I don’t have the answer for all the questions above, but Aaron and I are trying to grasp the essence of this concept so that we can film our next video. I don’t know how it will turn out, but hopefully we can figure it out soon, like next week, oh gosh….

By the way, feel free to share with me who is The One in your life.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Confusing Time

I have been confused by time recently

What is time, who is time, who has time?

One week ago, I was longing for a brand new week

Calculating time, indulging time, expecting time


One week has gone, and I only notice it by the end of Saturday

This feeling, bother me a lot of times

Why is it so?

I need time to think for that question

By the time I have the answer, it is already Sunday

So what did I do in the middle of that time?

Nothing, practically nothing


Sunday, November 4, 2007

Not birthday party but…. end-of-PBL party

Last year when I first entered this school, the lecturers introduced a learning system so called self-directed-non-dependant PBL session for all of us. I was thrilled at the beginning, but after attended several sessions, I found it’s just so-so. However my perception towards PBL changed when I come to this semester, when Dr. Ling becomes our facilitator.

Dr. Ling is a very special facilitator, he likes to emphasize on group interaction. Therefore on the first day, he had a very short ice-breaker with us before we started PBL. He asked us to write down 3 statements (1 false and 2 true) about ourselves on a paper. After everyone finished writing, we read them out and our colleagues needed to guess which one was the wrong statement. Of course there were lots of jokes and embarrassing moments in that ice-breaker, though it merely took 15 minutes to finish it. He also liked to give free stuff, the first session he gave ‘virus’ pen and the second sessions he gave notepad. On the third session, we didn’t play any games but Dr. Ling taught us universal love language, which apparently not useful for me now. Ask my PBL-mates if you wanna know, hehe!

On 4th session, all of us purposely went to PBL room 15 minutes earlier just in case Dr. Ling would have some fun activities for us. Guess what, this time he brought 10 different colors of balloons when he entered the room. After picking our favorite color, he taught us how to shape it into a rabbit. So we bent, stretched and squeezed the balloon till we satisfied with our production. It was really fun!
Rabbits of PBL
Thus on the last session, we planned to have a simple party to show our appreciation to Dr. Ling. We bought a cake from Berry’s, a card and 10 magic candles. Because of this party, all of us skipped the BS lecture without hesitation. During the party, Dr. Ling talked about morals and conscience that every doctor should have. He also shared his experience in teaching school and hospitals. In conclusion, we had fun as well as memorable take home message.

Thank you, Dr. Ling!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

前几天与朋友到mamak摊吃夜宵,忽然间我们谈到童年游戏,大家都兴高采烈地分享各自的回忆。 因为朋友们都是受英文教育长大,所以他们所玩的儿戏都与我的不同。当我正听着他们讲解一些游戏的乐趣时,好友忽然转过头来问我是否有玩过此游戏,我摇头,怎知好友也摇头说:‘你太华人了,不够西方化!’,接着就转回头继续谈天。我顿时呆了一下,与我同桌的每一个人都是华人,为何身为华人的我要因不够西方化而感到羞耻呢?为何不是他们因不够‘华人化’而感到羞耻呢?


前几个月,一位不谙华语的友人,兴孜勃勃地跟我说教育部肯定不再增建华小。我又呆了一下看着他,不知如何应对。大家都是华人,怎么搞到好像此事与他无关呢?他既不愤怒,反而还跟我说为何教育部需要作此决定。现在已摆明我们正被欺压着,为何还有人知道后无动于衷呢?难道他们不知道没了华文教育,就等于华人在这社会上失去了地位吗? 又是一位在崇洋文化下被洗涤的华人,悲哀啊。。。如果照几十年前的拉萨报告书,减少各源流小学和增建国民型学校能促进人民团结,很明显此目标已告吹且不适于现代来增进国民团结。看看邻国印尼,在排华事件后,华人不敢以华文名来登记,更不用说有华文教育的存在。不错他们的政治醒觉在东南亚比较高,但结果多数的印尼华侨都在家里以印尼话与家人沟通,难道这不值得我们去省思吗?若要搞到各民族失去本身的母语和文化来达到所谓的国民团结,我无话可说。

好友能以华语沟通,但难以阅读与书写,说以后一定要让他的后代学华语和其方言, 但绝不送孩子到华小就读,因为他还认为要在社会立足必须懂得操一口流利的英文。说到此时,我也只能叹息。


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Raya Break

It’s holiday again! It seems we have unlimited holidays throughout the year, is that a good thing or bad thing? Who cares, I like holiday!

Anyway, I am back to my peaceful hometown and enjoying a calming life without chaotic routine. It’s been a rise and fall for me in the past 1 month plus. I gained something (not weight, I hope so), I lost something (like my last pair of contact lens) and I am having problem to be dealt with. For your information, my club in IMU is in crisis. I don’t know what to do when I received the news. I panicked, felt so helpless and decided to flee. But thank god, I found some supportive fellow friends and seniors who keep on encourage me and persuade me not to give up. I am not sure if things would turn out right, but with their support and courage, I will give a try, no matter what.

Last Friday, I followed my friends and went to Kajang to eat its famous food, SATAY! If I am not mistaken, Datuk Syek also brought along some satay to the space. But I am sure that those satay is not from Kajang because all the food in the spaceship is prepared by MARDI, i wonder how it taste like, hehe! Well, I still remember my last visit in Kajang was around 2 years ago. Of course we went back to the same shop, but this time, we eat something new. Guess what, the shop not only serves chicken and beef satay, it also serves duck, mutton, and fish satay. Well, the fish satay is the most expensive one, 90cents each and the taste is not bad. We ordered 50 cucuk and Jane as a Kajangian ate the least, maybe she lives nearby is the reason. After makan, we toured around the town, entered some shopping centers. Kajang seems to be a Malay town, resembles Johor Bharu except the population in Kajang is lesser.

Before I came back to Ipoh, I had to wake up in the early morning just to follow my friends to eat dim sum in PJ. Kevin said it is very famous, but I found that the variety there was quite limited. Anyway as long as it can feed my stomach, I won’t complain too much, hehe!

Kajang Satay

Thank you Jane for your warm hospitality

Dim Sum in PJ

It's a very nice and meaningful photo, taken by Fiona

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Epidemic Alert

Lavender Bistro@JB with my beloved sis and mum

Everyone is falling sick recently, there must be some mutated virus spreading among the community. Sadly to admit that I am one of the victims who caught the disease last week. Being ill was really torturing, I had lethargy, cold intolerance, dizziness, constipation, itchiness on the throat, productive cough, loss of appetite, night sweat… Oh gosh, counting on these symptoms, the differential diagnosis can be as long as a novel. That’s not too bad, what make it worse is all these happened one day before my exam. If I could pass the endocrine paper, you can call that as miracle.

After the exam, I bring along my illness to JB to meet my mum and sister. This is my first time visiting JB, but my weak body doesn’t allow me to enjoy as much as I desire. Kinda wasted. Anyway my main purpose of visiting JB this time is to meet my mum and sister, so it’s not too bad after all.

I can’t tell much of my experience in JB because I was in delirium most of the time. I remember sitting in a car with my sister for more than an hour just to pick my mum up at Singapore custom. That border is the busiest place that I ever see, uncountable cars are going in and out of JB, of course the traffic was heavily congested. So my sis and I sitting in the car, listen to radio and look at all the passerby and start commenting on their appearance and style, so fun!

Finally I am back to KL and feeling ok, don’t really miss JB, but miss my mum and sis now.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Be thankful, be grateful

M106 Cheerleading Team Venus

For the first time i join cheerleading, and we got 2nd place yesterday, hooray....

It was so much fun to be part of the cheerleading team, everyday dancing, jumping, streching, fake smiling.... Haha, that was really a memorable experience, kinda sad that everything has over. Anyway, thanks to the M106 cheerleading team's 'top hierachy people' for letting a newbie like me to join this year.

However i am still learning how to be a 'plastic' cheerleader as shown in the movie 'Mean Girl'. I know that kind of behaviour is very irritating, but i don't know why i like to look at those girls. Maybe that's my fantasy, haha! Unfortunately none of our cheerleaders are like that, they all look so innocent.

Because of 0.1 mark, Malaysia has risen a rank up from 44th to 43rd on Transparency International's 2007 Corruption Perceptions Index; Because of 0.1 mark, our cheerleading team got pulled down to second place. I finally realize the bitterness of 'so close and yet so far'. It's depressing, especially for those choreographers who squeezed their brain everyday. So i tell myself, it is better than nothing. We should feel glad that we got a silver medal after 2 and a half weeks of hard work. It's considered a big blessing. Be thankful and be grateful of what we own now. No point turning back and sigh.

By the way, exam is coming soon, better start studying now.

Saturday, September 15, 2007


M106 Darts Team

Yesterday our batch, M106 was officially got 4th place in darts competition. Though we weren’t able to get any medal, we did enjoy the competition very much. The feeling of losing a game is sour, but all of us are glad that we made it into semi-final. At least we aren’t the last one overall.

Actually we would have lost in the preliminary round, as none of us practiced before the competition started 1 week ago. I still remember vividly that my last time of playing darts was last year IMU Cup. Of course we lost last year. This year I didn’t expect much either. Thus I kept telling myself that it was really a blessing to win the first round. Thanks to James(our captain), Kajen, Ye Min, Emily, Jia Yu, Kien Wei, Ching Li and Aaron, you all are awesome.

However, there was a senior who lost to us, hate us as if we killed her parents. Come on, this was just a game! The purpose of IMU Cup is to encourage student-student interaction, not creating anger and rage. She did several ‘obvious’ thing to show us her hatred. For example, she wanted us to play semi-final the next day after her batch lost to us; While we were in semi, she 'obviously’ supported our opponent with no reason, she even asked her friend stopped supporting us. Therefore we gave her a nick name, Obvious Girl. I don’t understand how somebody can be so narrow-minded when it comes to game.

Anyway, it was really a good experience to join this competition. Perhaps next time you can see me hitting bull’s eye in pubs.

If I practice frequently, haha!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

随着年龄的增长, 面对的问题也相对的增加。 想起当年依然能够依偎在父母的怀里, 不管外面刮风或暴雨, 心里都得以平静。 但这份悠悠的平静,在近年来却离我而去, 去得无影无踪。。

如今单身在外,更深受体会到人与人之间的沟通是多么的复杂 与奥妙。 从沟通衍生出来的问题,也并不是单靠一剂药就得以复原。所以我们都不断的在寻找能与自己沟通的知己。不知您已寻找到一位吗?



Friday, August 24, 2007

'So You Think You Can Dance' Kuching

We will never reach the stage of that dance show, but we can shoot our own video for the sake of syok sendiri. It is extremely funny and hope you enjoy it.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Legalization of Euthanasia

This has been a highly debated topic since it was created, and we have no idea when will it end. We had already heard all the points in all discussions. But in the end, no conclusion can be made. What I am interested in, why there are so many countries still refuse to legalize euthanasia?

Legalizing an act doesn’t mean encouraging it. That’s something everyone should keep in their mind. For instance smoking, it is not wrong to smoke but the government always told us smoking is bad for health. Besides, the government sets up lot of rules for the smokers to obey, for example declare non smoking area, children are not allowed to smoke, high tax rate for cigarette companies and etc. And this lead to my second point, an act can be legalized with limitation and regulations. If euthanasia could be legalized, the government can also introduce other rules that accompany it, like only certain eligible people can perform euthanasia, criteria to undergo euthanasia and etc. To further elaborate this point, take a look at legalization of prostitution. In Singapore, prostitution is legal a few years ago, if I am not mistaken. But Singapore still looks as ‘clean’ as it was, because there are many rules behind this legal act. For instance, prostitutes must be above 18 years old, condom must be used in the ‘business’, prostitutes must apply a license and report to health center regularly and etc. We know it’s wrong to have prostitution in the community, but considering other consequences, like increasing numbers of AIDS patients, the government needs to do something. At least legalizing it can protect both prostitutes and the civilian.

Why people need euthanasia? The reason is simple, they need it to save them from torment. That’s their life and they have the right to take control of it. We do know life is precious, but when terminal illnesses and excruciating pain are over patients’ fragile body, shouldn’t we give them the dignity and relieve them from torturous tragedy? Since we already accept animal euthanasia, why should we reject human euthanasia?

There is a very young girl in China, who has congenital disorders that makes her sit on a wheelchair for the rest of her life. She is unable to take care of herself, so she is totally rely on her poor parents to sustain her life. However she still has the ability to type in front of a computer. She has a blog. In her blog, she begs China government to legalize euthanasia because she wishes to die after her parents pass away. Because without her parents, she has no more reason to stay in this world and she doesn’t have the ability to be independent. From the voice of a young girl, is euthanasia her salvation?

If one of our closest, dying family member wishes to take up euthanasia, I know it would be terribly hard to agree with them. To respect their choice, or to show them our love by letting them being tortured, it’s all up to you.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Happy Vacation at Sarawak

Sarawak rocks! My vacation in Sarawak was really awesome, I had so much fun there. Perhaps it was right after our end-of-semester exam, no stress and no worry, what we have to do was just ENJOY. Plus this was my first time visiting Sarawak, my mind only filled with anticipation and curiosity.

This Sarawak trip lasted for 2 weeks, 12 days in Kuching and 2 days in Miri. In Kuching, Aaron as the host, really served us very well (actually it’s his parents and relatives, haha…) by providing accommodation, transportation, entertainment, food and etc. In Miri, James took over the host’s job, also served us like VIP. We took a lot of pictures and videos, created tones of jokes, went to many nice places, consumed uncountable kgs of food and drinks but the most important thing was, we shared the happy moment together.

LCCT, met Lie Joo and Naomi

First time on an airplane, hehe!

Rainforest World Music Festival at Cultural Village (that place is extremely hot)

Orang asli's bridge

Before the show starts, we entertain ourselves

The drinks in Kuching are quite special (and weird), let me introduce 'Teh C peng'

1 layer non Teh C peng

2 layers Teh C peng

3 layers Teh C peng

4 layers Teh C peng

5 layers Teh C peng

Outside of the Muzium Sarawak

Aaron's pool, our only sport in Kuching to lose weight after all the delicious food

Dead fish #1

Dead fish #2

Dead fish #3

The only fish that alive!

Croc Farm with Poh Peng and Ming Lin

Together, outside Croc Farm

Shocked and scared

Pond of flowers

My favourite picture, photographed by Aaron Lai

Private beach at Pugu

'The power of three will set us free', The Charmed & demon

At Bings! Its ice-blended mocha is so much nicer than Starbuck

Finally my cousin Caryn join us!

At Fort Margarita

Vacation is so nice and relaxing!

Building sand castle at Santubang Resort



Jamesy Mui

Trying very hard...

Yea, we made it!

Don't understand what are they trying to do

The Living Room- long house

I like this picture very much coz i look very tall, hehe!

Ming Lin's 21 years old birthday

Outside Muzium Kuching

Inside Muzium Kuching

Jamesy & me

Miri Airport

James's car


Gaze into the blue sky

Aaron looks so cute!

'Siapa yang tak ada buat kerja rumah pergi berdiri luar!' ~St Jo Miri staff room~

Do you notice the word 'time'?

Modelling pic #1

Modelling pic #2

Outside Muzium Petroleum

J.W. Mariot Hotel

Pustaka Miri

Miri City Fan

Lobster at James's Lutong Cafe

Few months ago, we went to So You Think You Can Dance at Ruums, KL

Few months later, we are on the show, hosted by Candy Lee. Video will be releasing soon!

We also travelled around the globe while we were in Sarawak.

Besides travelling, i also had some memorable experience in Sarawak.

Meet up with my pen pal, Lin Hui

Hospital attachment, before enter the operating theater

Not to mention the food in Sarawak is surprisingly tasty, my parents even said i put on weight after the trip, sigh... i guess you can check it out in either James's or Aaron's blog.

Really hope i can go there again!