Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Still in India

This week in my last week in India, i have mixed feeling about it. I'm happy that soon i will be back in my hometown, with my comfortable home and not-so-polluted environment. But at the same time, i know that i will not be coming back to india anymore ( in the near future), i won't be seeing all the nice people that i met here, maybe forever....

Basically all the malaysian people that we met here are pretty friendly, except those who studied in the new hospital, they are so cocky and arrogant (mostly 'wonton'). Never mind, i am so indifferent to them.

I don't dare to put up any pictures because..... i gained weight. Funny, isn't it? Of all the places in the world, i actually gain weight in this very country, where poverty and famine is the one of the government's biggest problem. Sigh..... To be frank, the food here is not bad. Because most of the people here are vegetarian, we seldom eat meat. Thus in compensation, we ate a lot of flour (which is quite fattening as well). Sigh....don't care lah, just go on diet when i go back to malaysia. So people, you know what shouldn't be said when you meet me next month!

Days of leaving India: 9

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Bangalore, India

It’s been 2 weeks I reached Bangalore, and I’m sure you are very curious of what’s happening here, haha! What I have been doing here basically are attending hospital attachment, makan, loitering around (including shopping, muahahaha), makan again, sleep….quite boring huh? But this routine only applicable in the weekdays, when it comes to weekend, we will be going to James’s godmother’s house. Speaking of her house, it’s like paradise in the middle of india. Clean, peaceful, luxurious, calm, no electricity cut, cozy….. I almost can’t believe I was in india when I passed the guard house. At the same time, she would bring us to some places and nice restaurants. In conclusion, weekend is all about enjoying, haha!

I better stop mentioning about enjoyment, my parents will immediately summon me back to Malaysia if they know this, hehe! Yah, Hospital Attachment, my main purpose of coming to india. We are attached to MS Ramaiah Medical College, which has their on teaching hospital within the campus. They have very good curriculum and systems, unlike you-know-where….aih, should stop comparing, no point sighing. Anyway, our 1 month attachment is divided into 3 parts, namely pathology, anatomy and physiology, which take approximately 10 days each. We just finished the first part, which is pathology. In pathology, we need to be in the teaching hospital’s diagnostic lab in the morning. After lunch, we have to study in the pathology museum. So far, we like the pathology attachment. We did learnt several procedures and understand its theories in details. Thanks to our teachers, a post graduate student and the chief of lab. Feeling so dumb in front of them….

Will tell you more about india in the next post, very lazy to type now, hehe! Check out the pictures below then.

First morning in India, woke up in Uncle Bala (Swarna's uncle) 's room

Dinner with Mamak (James's godmother) at Hard Rock Cafe

Went to a morning market

Picture i took when i was all alone inside a car which parked in the middle of market and everyone was looking at me, scary scary

In front of the Bangalore Parliament House

In the Pathology Muzeum (quite creepy...)

Inside an auto/tut tut, going for a shopping spree

Studying in my room (pretending lah)

Inside the cytology room

Authentic indian food, muahahaha

Dinner at the Woody's (before we finished, there was electricity cut, as usual....)

Dinner with mamak at Palm Meadow Club House

Playing Monopoly (new version with credit card) in mamak's house

At Nandi Hill, very nice place

To be continue...

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Greeting from Bangalore

Hey everyone, it's been 2 days i have reached bangalore. I'm fine here, don't worry. Tomorrow i will begin my hospital attachment, really anticipating it.

Though it is an IT hub, i can't even get internet access easily here. So i better take this opportunity to update my blog while checking my email now. There are so many things i want to tell you all about bangalore, but the stupid keyboard that i'm currently typing is so cacat, feel like smashing it.... Anyway, will update whenever i can.

Weather is fine, but the air pollution is horrible.
Food is fine, but drinking water has to be extremely careful.
Scenery is fine, but the poverty is bad bad bad...

Wish i could survive this month.