Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009, What A Year!

It's a year full with turbulence and challenges, a year spent in foreign land and a year that make me realize beautiful things actually are just sitting by our sides.

At the beginning of 2009. i was busy preparing myself, both physically and mentally for education abroad. Of course things didn't turned up as smoothly as i wished to be, but i must be grateful that nothing disastrous fall upon me.

Now reaching the end of 2009, i can't help but to flash back all the significant and memorable moment which had occurred. If only i could capture and compile all these memories into a movie and share it with those who sincerely care for me. Hopefully lessons learned this year could be applied for next year and mistakes done will not be repeated forever.

Next year will be a critical year, time shall not be wasted on unnecessary agendas. The amount of energy and effort needed is beyond my imagination, all i can do is to focus and stay on path at all time. I guess this new year resolution might be as thick as dictionary then.

Ready for 2010? Hell yea, bring it on!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Family Portrait (Behind the Scene)

Finally our family had our first proper family portrait taken from the studio, all we needed to pay was just RM80. Yea, it was cheap and we were pretty happy with the outcome.

This package included hairdo, make up, dress/coat and 6 pieces of 4R size photos. However the make up and hairdo took approximately 2 hours for the 3 ladies in my family. What did we XY do? Nothing except to wait patiently.....

Before i reveal our official family portrait, let's see a few 'behind the scene' pictures. In conclusion, it is really fun.

Gentlemen of the family.....waiting indefinitely for the ladies to prep themselves

Me and my siblings, getting ready before the photoshooting starts

Mummy was so excited to put on 'wedding dress' again after 2 decades plus

Behind the scene 1 (my brother's solo pic)

Behind the scene 2 (my parent's couple pic)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Shopping Spree

Just came back from KL after 3 days of shopping spree, feeling so guilty..... at least gotta show it in front of my parents who pay for my credit card bills, haha!

Items that i got from these few days:
a) Laptop - brandless but good performance specs
b) Bluetooth stereo - original sony erricsson's product but cannot tune into radio
c) Stethoscope - classic littmann with navy blue colour

At the same time, i met up with the 2 aucklander who just came back from the kiwiland and never stopped complaining about the boiling temperature in KL.

Taking the first picture from my laptop's webcam

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Forever Young

Scenario 1:

Went out for lunch with my dad and brother, joined by my dad's friend, Mr. A.

Mr. A: Oh, where are you studying?
Me: Studying university at overseas.
Mr. A: *amazed* how old are you? 15 or 16?

(I instantly burst into laughter and my brother gave me the jaw-dropping shocking look, because i looked younger than him, muahaha.....)

Scenario 2:

Went to the optician to fix my spectacles and get new sets of contact lens, accompanied by my mum.

Salesgirl: Are you working or studying?
Me: Studying.
Salesgirl: High school?
Mum: Haha, you wish, he is 20+ years old already.
Salesgirl: *amazed* unbelievable, he still has the baby face look.

(I turned to my mum and rolled my eyes)

Wish i could have this anti ageing ability till i reach middle age, it would be so cool!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Random Pictures from Handphone

Before i left Christchurch, i went to New Brighton's beach. This is the pier. Many old uncles and aunties sitting at the end to fish. The wind was strong and chilly, i couldn't stay there for too long because i didn't wear enough warm clothes. The sand was quite fine so it was quite comfortable to walk barefooted.

Piha Beach in Auckland is still the best beach i ever visited in NZ.

Kia ora is a very common Maori term used in NZ, it simply means hello. Luckily we don't have to learn the entire language to study in NZ, however we still need to learn its culture and do some assignment, and the worst thing is, next year there will be a Maori OSCE, sigh.... i like to learn other cultures, but not when it is under pressure.

On my cycling journey back to city centre, i spotted this road sign so instantly stopped and took a snap.

Manuka honey (except the last white bottle), my souvenirs for my family. I don't know what's so special about it, the only thing i know is the price difference. The bottle at the left costs $18, whereas the white one only costs $2. Will i grow stronger if i have a tinge of it? Should try that later, hehe....

This is the guest room of my house, but i'm sleeping in it. Pretty sad, right? Ever since i studied in kl, my brother has 'colonized' my room as if i was exiled from this house, sob sob.... Never mind, i shall grab it back one day it the future!

And finally, the real picture of this annoying creature. You will know the whole story if you read my previous post. Well, the good thing is that i slowly adapting to its noise, but i still can't sleep later than 8am, i miss waking up late and have brunch while watching a silly movie.

Cursing the rooster to have recurrent nerve paralysis, laryngitis, epiglotitis, pharynx obstruction, #$@%

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Morning Revival

Greetings to everyone from my home sweet home!

It's so nice to be back at home, seeing all the people i love and eating all the food i crave. Hope i wouldn't be a big fat boy by the time i leave, hehe!

Anyway, it's 6.30am and i'm sitting in front of the computer fb-ing and typing this post. Why? Thanks to the annoying wild roosters that my neighbour rears, that crow hysterically every 5 o'clock in the morning. That's not the end, these 2 damn cocks will continuously fulfilling their duty of breaking the dawn every 10 minutes, alternately. Gosh, please have mercy on a light sleeper like me....

Feel like just go over and tear their vocal cords apart! *roar*

How about my family members? Poor thing, they already desensitized by the noise, sigh... Hope i can acquire that ability soon.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Great News

Yeah, i pass 4th year! That means i can go back home and enjoy my summer holiday, hooray!

Congratz to the 5th year who pass their final exam! Soon it will be my turn to sit for that terrifying exam, scared..... But don't care, i'll enjoy my holiday first, hehe!

Saturday, October 31, 2009


I enjoy waking up late in the morning and watch a silly movie


Simply because i'm in holiday now, hooray!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Gravity - Sara Bareilles

Something always brings me back to you
It never takes too long
No matter what I say or do
I'll still feel you here 'til the moment I'm gone

You hold me without touch
You keep me without chains
I never wanted anything so much
Than to drown in your love and not feel your rain

Set me free, leave me be
I don't want to fall another moment into your gravity
Here I am and I stand so tall
Just the way I'm supposed to be
But you're on to me and all over me

Oh, you loved me 'cause I'm fragile
When I thought that I was strong
But you touch me for a little while
And all my fragile strength is gone


I live here on my knees
As I try to make you see
That you're everything I think I need
Here on the ground
But you're neither friend nor foe
Though I can't seem to let you go
The one thing that I still know is that
You're keeping me down

Keeping me down
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

You're on to me, on to me and all over

Something always brings me back to you
It never takes too long...

Thursday, October 22, 2009




一, 不可观之以一。



Saturday, October 17, 2009

1 month

Exactly one month later, i will be sitting on an airplane back to my hometown, hooray....

Can't deny the fact that time actually passes by without us noticing it. I am here in nz for almost 9 months, and finally the time of going back home is drawing near. I am so excited! I already started thinking of what to do and what to eat when i go back, gosh, i miss home!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

14 Gloucester St.

*This post is exclusively dedicated for imu juniors who are coming to christchurch next year*

Also known as imu flat since last year, 14 gloucester st is the accommodation specially reserved for all imu 4th year students, simply because of its strategic location in the middle city centre. Only 10 minutes walk along Rolleston Avenue and the bridge across Avon River will bring you to the place you always want to be...HOSPITAL, haha!

Transportation has never been a problem in christchurch, especially when you live in this flat. 15 minutes of slow pace stroll is all you need to reach the core of christchurch where you can find rows of shops to deal with your errands or treat your hunger. Well, if you are too lazy to walk, a bus stop right in front of this flat can fetch you to anywhere you want, for example, airport.

It is a standard and comfy flat ideal for students who aren't going to splurge all out during the time of study here. Ample of compound in individual room but not so suitable for people who wish to hold a party in the common area. Heat insulation is pretty substandard so better thickened up your skin now or prepare to pay the bill. Though it is at the centre of the city, you don't have to worry about noise pollution, you can barely hear anything (it's christchurch, for goodness's sake), unless it is produced by the flat inmates.

Pictures and descriptions of the flat are shown below: (click the image to enlarge)

Lounge--the place for osce practice and late night gossip. For those who can't withstand the cold weather, the lounge is equipped with a heat pump that keep you warm at a lower cost. Sleepover at the lounge is very common among the flatmates.

My bedroom (don't dare to invade other flatmates' room). Most of the rooms are similar in size, except 2 rooms that subdivided into 2 small units. A double bed, wardrobe, desk and chair are provided. Sunshine in the room is very crucial in this country, fortunately all the rooms are well lit as long as you open the curtains.

There are 2 bathrooms and 2 toilets in this flat, so it shouldn't be a problem if everyone wakes up at the same time in the morning. But remember to keep these places clean and dry at all times to prevent fungal growth.

Laundry room has both washing machine and dryer. However the room is not big enough to hang any clothes, hence backyard or your own room are the better choices.

This kitchen has all the necessities, eg. stove, microwave, fridge, utensils, pots and etc. Of course you have to get your own groceries and do the cleaning.

Backyard, a place for the school staff to park their car. It is also another good place to hang your clothes in a bright, sunny day.

This is just a random collage

Finally, mua!

For further information, please click here to read Michelle Gan's last year review.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

How about a round of applause?

I still remember vividly kevin was making fun of this song when it first came out last year. Never know this song actually is so nice until Rachel from 'Glee' sang it in the second episode.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Friends' Visit



Picnic at Botanical Garden

Camwhore at weird angle

Walk around the town (Art Centre)

Victoria Park

Spending great time with great friends

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Interschool Plenary

This picture was taken last Thursday when we had our third interschool plenary. This time the lecture was delivered by Wellington. However, the session was being interrupted for a couple of times due to some technical problem. That's why i got the chance to bring out my phone and snapped a shot. Spot me if you can from the lower right window of right screen.

I like the fat granulocyte picture on the left, so cute!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Long Case Problem

Yesterday afternoon i went back to hospital to look for my second long case, which is due on this coming friday, oh no....

The patient that i met yesterday was a very nice lady, in fact, she talked too much. A good historian is good in helping us to complete the long case, but too much info that is not relevant, especially when they talk about their personal life (gosh, do i look like i care?), will only make the session more lengthy, more energy consuming, and more queries.

That's not the end, it was worse when the patient started to become emotional. I grabbed her hand and kinda consoled her when i first saw her eyes turned red and tearful. But the weird thing was this lasted for less than a minute and she could talked normally afterward. Then few minutes later, she became emotional and tearful again. Normal ... emo ... normal ... emo ... normal ... emo, i was ok at the beginning but slowly getting annoyed with that.

This experience makes me wonder, where is my empathy for patient? When the patient wept, i could just stared at her without feeling sorrow. And the bad thing was, i thought the patient was having some affective problem, instead of her emotional turmoil. I really want to become a good doctor....

Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Week of Fun

One week of holiday is finished, time flies indeed. Anyway, i had great fun in auckland. Don't have to worry of any upcoming exams, all i did was just eat, play and sleep, haha!

I went to several new places in auckland, just have a look on the pictures below:

Bukit Satu Pokok

On our way up to One Tree Hill, we saw a lot of sheep. Duno why i'm still fascinated with sheep even though i have been staying here for more than half a year

Walking up to the obelisk

Obelisk of One Tree Hill

At Sky Tower, tallest building in the whole south hemisphere

On saturday, we went to Piha Beach, at the east of auckland. Thank you Swarna for driving us! (the road was horrible, narrow and windy, as bad as the old road up to Cameron Highland)

The boys

The girls (who will never stop posing....hehe!)

Childhood game, A.E.I.O.U

On the way up to a small hill at the beach

Thank you everyone, it was such a memorable trip!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Beh's 24th Birthday

We celebrated Ah Beh's birthday on Tuesday night, after our haematology test (very tricky paper....). His actual birthday was on monday, but he said it would be better if we postponed the outing. Besides nobody would have the mood to celebrate one night prior to the exam, in fact, everyone was pretty stressed up on monday night.

So we had dinner at China Bistro on Tuesday night. This was the second time we visited the place. I chose the place because ah beh liked it very much, and i personally felt the restaurant was not bad, in terms of price and food quality of course.

After the dinner, raenna went back and eng ann brought us to ancestral to have bubble tea, which ah beh had been craving for since ever. We chatted till late night, but my tummy was bloated like a pig till next morning, haha!

Ah Beh, happy birthday again!
Bee Ling, happy belated birthday! ( i already wished you in fb yesterday)
Kajen, happy birthday in advance! (will wish you again in fb tomorrow, hehe!)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Nice Video by Yasmin Ahmad

Reality? Discover it yourself!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Cultural Night 2009

Yesterday was the first time i attended Cultural Night in our school, which organized by CMSA (Canterbury Medical Students Association) annually. All you needed to pay to attend this event was just a gold coin donation, plus dinner and wine were served before the event started, wasn't it awesome?

I personally like the opening video very much. It used the song 'I gotta a feeling' and compiled a few clips in which some students gave the welcome speech in different languages, ranging from Maori to French. I miss doing video with aaron while we were in imu bukit jalil.

The Curry Laksa Boys (eng ann's idea, not mine, haha!)

Anyway, me and eng ann took part in one of the performances. Our performance consisted of some singing, dancing and acting. The song that we used was pussycat doll's 'jai ho' and eng ann changed the lyrics with laksa and swine flu themed. It was really hilarious and luckily the crowd loved it.

And the most shoking thing was, i won the best dressed of the night with the qurta i bought in Bangalore! Of course i need to give the credit to james and swarna who provided their precious opinion when i bought the outfit last year, haha!

My prize for the award (apparently it worths $120, yeah!)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Today when i came back home from school, i saw this envelope lying in front of my doorstep. I'm sure you know how exciting it could be when you receive a mail like this. Without hesitant, i quickly opened it, it's a DVD of my sister wedding which held in the middle of June this year.

Not being able to attend my sister's wedding is one of the regrets in my life. It was such a joyful moment and yet i wasn't there.... In the video, i saw my parents waving here and there, i saw my siblings popping out the screen intermittently, i saw my relatives sending their best wishes, and most of all, i saw my sister smiling with her true love.

I miss my family....