Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Birthday

Memorable birthday celebration at Auckland. Thank you so much, my friends!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Summer Retreat at Gold Coast

A vacation inspired from a swimming session at Vista Commonwealth C pool, was regarded as a joke at the beginning but after 'a meticulous proper' planning, we finally had made this dream came true.

You know, i always had been a big fan of AirAsia "Now Everyone Can Fly". But after this flight from KL to Gold Coast, i am indeed very disappointed with its service. Before i booked the ticket, i knew this would be a long haul flight, so i decided to pay more and buy its XL seat, which supposed to have bigger leg room and able to recline more compare to the economy one. Unfortunately the reality wasn't consistent to whatever they advertised on the internet. The seat was definitely bigger than the usual one and there is ample of leg room, however what i needed the most was the recliner. Guess what, all the XL seats cannot be reclined! According to a air stewardess, she said this is an old airplane, only the XL seats in the new plane can be reclined. WHAT!!! I felt so cheated! I had a bigger seat, so what? my arse isn't that fat! I had bigger leg room, so what? my leg isn't that long! Not to mention the RM12 baby's portion nasi briyani, ew.......

Thus the whole 8 hours in the mid air was really tormenting. And that's not all, i was stopped by a custom officer and interrogated for a few more minutes after we landed. Luckily they didn't asked me to enter a room and strip. Do i look like a terrorist? Hmph....gotta do some make over soon.

The first thing we did after checking in to the hotel was Zzzzzzz. Exploration of the town only started after we snoozed for a couple of hours. In general, gold coast is a pretty place. The beaches from Main Beach to Surfers Paradise to Broadbeach were sandy and fine. Temperature wise, panas! We could hardly walk on the beach barefooted because it was sizzling hot. That's why i don't understand why the Caucasians can stay under the sun for so long without feeling burned.

The main purpose of visiting Gold Coast was definitely not sun bathing at the beach, but because of the theme parks. We managed to enter 4 theme parks across 5 days. One word to conclude all theme parks: Queuing. All theme parks were so damn crowded because it's summer holiday. Lesson learned.

Pictures certainly could describe my excitement more than words. Enjoy!

International Beach Resort, the place where we stayed. It is just 5 minutes walk away from the core of Surfers Paradise.

The view from our apartment's balcony

Trying to do a jumping shot at the beach

Surfers Boulevard, the centre of Surfers Paradise

Pasific Fair, the biggest shopping centre in Gold Coast

The alcoholic and her triple platinum margaritta

Dracula's Carbaret Show, Vampirates. It is a very interesting place, the whole buidling is decorated with dracula's concept, even the waiters and workers put on funny make up.

At King Tut's Putt Putt, for golfer wannabe. I guess we were the oldest player apart from the parents who accompanied their young kids

This is the Egytian Course, 18 holes in total. James was the winner, scoring the highest score

The last hole of the course. Posing victoriously with the king cobra statue

Theme Park 1: Wet n Wild

Got sunburned over my shoulders even though i had put on sunblock, sob sob......

Theme Park 2: Movie World

Cartoon Characters' Parade

Best roller coaster, Superman's MRT (not sure if it's offcial name). The ride's speed was exhilarating and the best of all was that the queue wasn't too long

Cute pig statue & me, hehe!

Posing at the Main Street of Movie World before we left

Theme Park 3: Dreamworld

Did i tell you that koala bear is so adorable? It looked like a soft toy when i pet it. Wish i could rear one in my house

James and his sno kon, something like ice kacang but without kacang

Swarna hot flushing with her $10 fan

Special performance from MTV

Posing at the Animal Island with kangaroos hooping here and there at the sides. We didn't take much pictures from the rides because we were too dazed to do so. Oh, we are proud to say that we had tried the world tallest freefall, The Giant Drop, haha!

Theme Park 4: Sea World

The sea lion peformed really well

Nice shot from James. But i still prefered the dolphin performance in Ocean Park, HK

Thank you Swarna and James, i really enjoyed this last vacation before our graduation. Next vacation at Six Flags, US perhaps? Haha!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Gold Coast, Australia

Awesome vacation, more updates coming up!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Journey Begins

No more home sweet home, it's time to get back to the reality....

I have never enjoyed holiday so much like this before. Not that i visited a lot of places, in fact, i barely stepped out of my house. So what have i been doing? Well, doing things that do not require any brain activity like watching movies, playing fb games or dota, improving my piano skill and etc. The feeling is kinda like hiding in a peace haven where outside world is no longer our business and the only concern is to decide what to eat for next meal. Sigh, don't know when will i have the opportunity to do so again.

Eaten all my favorite local food (except banana leaf rice, sob sob....), met up with some of my close friends, sent my brother off to subang for college, took a family portrait, bought a few new gadgets and, quite an accomplishment! Haha!

Tomorrow i will be taking a bus down to LCCT all alone, sob sob...... Next station will be Gold Coast, Australia. Woo, can't wait to visit all the theme parks and get a nice sun tanning at the beach! Just hope the aussie custom won't turn my luggage upside down and kacao kacao.

Last vacation before the school starts, so gonna enjoy it to the max!