Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009, What A Year!

It's a year full with turbulence and challenges, a year spent in foreign land and a year that make me realize beautiful things actually are just sitting by our sides.

At the beginning of 2009. i was busy preparing myself, both physically and mentally for education abroad. Of course things didn't turned up as smoothly as i wished to be, but i must be grateful that nothing disastrous fall upon me.

Now reaching the end of 2009, i can't help but to flash back all the significant and memorable moment which had occurred. If only i could capture and compile all these memories into a movie and share it with those who sincerely care for me. Hopefully lessons learned this year could be applied for next year and mistakes done will not be repeated forever.

Next year will be a critical year, time shall not be wasted on unnecessary agendas. The amount of energy and effort needed is beyond my imagination, all i can do is to focus and stay on path at all time. I guess this new year resolution might be as thick as dictionary then.

Ready for 2010? Hell yea, bring it on!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Family Portrait (Behind the Scene)

Finally our family had our first proper family portrait taken from the studio, all we needed to pay was just RM80. Yea, it was cheap and we were pretty happy with the outcome.

This package included hairdo, make up, dress/coat and 6 pieces of 4R size photos. However the make up and hairdo took approximately 2 hours for the 3 ladies in my family. What did we XY do? Nothing except to wait patiently.....

Before i reveal our official family portrait, let's see a few 'behind the scene' pictures. In conclusion, it is really fun.

Gentlemen of the family.....waiting indefinitely for the ladies to prep themselves

Me and my siblings, getting ready before the photoshooting starts

Mummy was so excited to put on 'wedding dress' again after 2 decades plus

Behind the scene 1 (my brother's solo pic)

Behind the scene 2 (my parent's couple pic)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Shopping Spree

Just came back from KL after 3 days of shopping spree, feeling so guilty..... at least gotta show it in front of my parents who pay for my credit card bills, haha!

Items that i got from these few days:
a) Laptop - brandless but good performance specs
b) Bluetooth stereo - original sony erricsson's product but cannot tune into radio
c) Stethoscope - classic littmann with navy blue colour

At the same time, i met up with the 2 aucklander who just came back from the kiwiland and never stopped complaining about the boiling temperature in KL.

Taking the first picture from my laptop's webcam

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Forever Young

Scenario 1:

Went out for lunch with my dad and brother, joined by my dad's friend, Mr. A.

Mr. A: Oh, where are you studying?
Me: Studying university at overseas.
Mr. A: *amazed* how old are you? 15 or 16?

(I instantly burst into laughter and my brother gave me the jaw-dropping shocking look, because i looked younger than him, muahaha.....)

Scenario 2:

Went to the optician to fix my spectacles and get new sets of contact lens, accompanied by my mum.

Salesgirl: Are you working or studying?
Me: Studying.
Salesgirl: High school?
Mum: Haha, you wish, he is 20+ years old already.
Salesgirl: *amazed* unbelievable, he still has the baby face look.

(I turned to my mum and rolled my eyes)

Wish i could have this anti ageing ability till i reach middle age, it would be so cool!