Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Kota Kinabalu Family Trip

If i am not mistaken, my last family trip was 1 year plus ago, when all of us went to bukit tinggi. Organizing a family trip is not easy, ask my eldest sister, she knows the best. It's not like last time when we were still schooling, everyone's holidays were the same. But now, my sisters are working and my holiday is different from my brother's, it is so haphazard. Anyway, we still made it to this family trip except my second sister(hate her boss for not letting her to go off for a few days...)

So me, my parents and my brother took off from LCCT and met my sister and her fiancee at KK who took off from Johor. We stayed in a 3 rooms apartment which situated 5 minutes away from the town. Actually we planned to climb mount KK, but the hotel up there was fully booked, thus in compensation, we went to a few islands, botanical garden, some museums and most of the time, we lingered around kk town.

It was such a relaxing trip with my family, the only thing i hated was waking up early in the morning. Sometimes i really wander how to plan a vacation without making people to rush for the time.

In conclusion, it was fun. Enjoy the pictures below:

Waiting at LCCT

Seafood dinner

Group pic

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Everyone is leaving....

Taken during M106 Farewell Party (animation)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

No more vista, no more bukit jalil

vista komanwel c1

2 and a half year ago when i stepped into vista, i didn't really like the place. It was situated in the middle of nowhere, no shop lots within walking distance, no restaurant or mamak within my eye sight, no cyber cafe, no bookstore... basically it had nothing unless you got a car to bring you around.

So i started blaming my parents for not letting me to drive in kl, i disliked this place and wandered how am i going to suffer like this for 2 and a half year. If this continued, i would become a nerd...oh no....

As time goes by, this feeling of hatred progressively faded away. I learned to adapt it. Me and james had walked countless times to carrefour, which took us minimum 45 minutes to and fro; We stopped playing dota as cyber cafes were too far (but the dota fever came back eventually in sem 4, thanks to who?); Mamak routine was replaced by mamak van (and their food was just so-so and freaking spicy); Got to know a few new generous friends who always bring us around and showed us the world (thx ya!)

After all, the life in vista was pretty amazing. Can't believe that actually i had so much fun. But then, happiness never stays long enough. Just hope that the memory will always stays.

final glance of my room before i packed

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Holidays never end

Penang trip

Hey people, it's been almost 1 week plus i never update my blog, kinda out of touch, huh! Well, for the past 1 week, i have been having spending precious time with all my precious friends who will departing to their own clinical schools soon. This can be consider as our last trip together, so everyone seems to enjoy each other's company.

Well, i just came back from alor setar, will be going to KK 3 days later. Never ending vacations, i like it, hehe! I will blog about my vacation in details someday next week, check it out!

Millions and zillions of thank you to Kajen and De Jun, who organized the Pinang trip, it was awesome; to Fiona and her family for the warmest hospitality at Alor Setar and Hat Yai; to Kevin for driving us more than 1000 of kilometers; to my parents for the financial support, hehe!; and lastly to all my beloved traveling mates, i will definitely miss you all!

Holidays are fun, but saying goodbye is devastating...

Food that gave me multiple irritating mouth ulcers till now, ish...

Friday, July 11, 2008

Happy Birthday, blog!

sorry no real cake for electronic blog, hehe!

Can't believe that my blog is 1 year old today, time really flies... When i looked back my first post, suddenly a gush of nostalgic feeling spread all over my mind, anyway, i should be feeling happy and excited to celebrate my blog first birthday, let us sing a birthday song now, ok? *la la la..* And one more thing, a new blog (caryn's blog) is going to be born today as well, better check it out!

Though this is not a popular blog, i just wanna take this opportunity to say thank you to all my loyal readers, who always drop by here and spend your precious time to glance through this themeless and personal blog of mine, it really means a lot to me.

By the way, today my end of semester result is out, and guess what, i passed! At the same time, it also signifies that my life in bukit jalil is officially over... *emoing* I have been staying here for 2 and a half year, i study, i experience, i grow in this very land, and when i finally and completely adapt to this phase of life, i have to say bye bye then. Well, that's life! But looking at the bright side, i have a very long holidays await, so let's enjoy it before i transit to another phase of life in new zealand, yea!

Happy happy

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Stress Reliever - O2 Mania

Whenever i feel bored or irritated, i like to play O2 mania. It is such a great way to relax the mind momentarily while listening to the music. Compare to sleeping, i personally feel that O2 mania can enhance your brain performance and coordination, yet you won't get addicted like other RPG games.

So during the study break, i had a small breakthrough in this game. I managed to get 4 digits combo, which i had been trying very hard to get it for the past few years. Very happy!

To those O2 experts, i challenge you to play "Go Hell" and get a combo over 1000, haha! (maybe it's too easy for you? sigh...)

Where is the mosquito?

Hooray, exam is over! I love the post-exam feeling, it is so relieving and relaxing. Well, the first and second paper were pretty hard, but the last paper was relatively easy. Just hope that i can pass the exam.

For the past few weeks, nothing interesting happened. But i want to share with you all something which i found out during the study break, quite dumb though. Take a look at the picture below:

1. A dying mosquito that i plucked out all its wings and legs, lying on the tile next to my table
2. Several ants drop by and check out this prey
3. More ants are coming...
4. Where is the mosquito?

Instead of transporting the whole mosquito to their nest, the ants literally ate the dying mosquito bit by bit till the whole corpse vanished in front of my eye. I didn't know that ants actually eat other insects, isn't scary? I suddenly feel so bad for the mosquito which i deliberately left it partially alive and let the ants torture it till its last breath.

Dear mosquito, hope you had reach somewhere better.