Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mad World

Living in a crumbling world, i need strength to pull myself out of this rubble. I wish prayer will be answered, if only agnosticism has never gone into my head. I see light and shining stars, but are they shimmering through to the future where i always dreaming for? For once, i'm crippled, dragging the remaining shattered self, looking for a touch by an angel. Are you my angel?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

I Want To Sleep In

Living in the new YMCA building is incredibly cosy, but the amount of noise produced every weekend early morning is driving me crazy soon.

Weekend mornings are always the best time to sleep in after an exhaustive week. However, i have not been granted with such privilege from the day i stepped into this luxurious hostel. Lots of travellers love to stay in ymca for the weekend, not that they party all night long in the building, it's just that they often wake up early in the morning, making lots of noise from opening and closing the doors, discussing their daily plan out loud at the corridor and etc.
Compare to the slightly substandard hostel that i used to live in, though there are lots of thing i can complain, at least it is more quiet and that's the most important thing i want in an accommodation.
The management is contemplating whether to repair or demolish the old building. I don't know which outcome to hope for.
Alright, enough grumbling. This week has not been great, lots of unfortunate events were happening around me, i might be receiving a fail from my previous posting, and the fear of final is getting overwhelming.
Just hope everything will fall into its right place soon. Peace.

Monday, September 13, 2010





Monday, September 6, 2010

Shakey Christchurch

To those i loved: I'm safe and alright in Christchurch, don't worry and thanks for your concern.

As you all might know, a magnitude of 7.1 earthquake had hit Christchurch on Saturday early morning. Luckily i was in Auckland when the disaster took place. I wasn't aware of the incident until the next day morning when i saw the news on the tv. It was really shocking.

I was supposed to be back in Christchurch on Wednesday morning, but my friends in auckland insisted me to stay on for another few more days. So i decided to go back on Sunday. Lucky me, i had escaped when the earthquake occured on Saturday morning.

Now i'm back in Christchurch. The whole city is utterly dysfunctional. The central business district is closed, so as several main roads across the city. My room wasn't too messy, just some fallen folder scattered on the table and floor. But my dormitary caretaker had evacuate all occupants to the new YMCA building for a few days because the management wants to evaluate the condition of the building. By the way, the room in the new building is really nice, really tempting to move in, but it's so expensive, double of what i'm paying at the moment, sigh!

My school is closed for 2 days, so i've got extra holidays. Does it mean they will postpone the final as well? Doubt so, still gotta study for final, argh....

Occasionally, i still feel some aftershock over here. It's quite scary but for those who had experience the event on Saturday morning, aftershock is nothing compared to the epicentre. Just hope there won't be another earthquake coming here.