Saturday, February 25, 2012

Beer Festival

Christchurch may have been scarred by the earthquake, but she never stop trying to bring back its vibrance. Just couple of weeks ago, Busker Festival was a huge success with great turn ups. Today another public event was held in Hagley Park attracting hundreds of Canterbrians enjoyed a good sunny day out.

The event was known as Great Kiwi Beer Festival.

On arrival we saw the queue was shockingly long. Lots of people were lining up ranging from small kids to frail senior citizens. Of course youngsters were the main crowd of the day. There were approximately 30 brewery outlets and equivalents numbers of food stalls in the whole venue. A main stage was set up at the corner with live bands performing throughout the whole event.

Here comes the embarassing part. I just realized I have really poor alcohol tolerance. The effect kicked in as soon as I had my probably third or fourth drink. Like my head was getting lighter, the noise around me was getting softer, as if i was gonna float anytime soon. On the other hand, Jane was still well composed until she had couple more drinks.

Nevertheless it was fun!

The Entrance. Got a sweet deal from TreatMe.

First drink. Still sober.

The crowd

Great Saturday!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

One Year Later...

I can't believe it's been a year since Christchurch was hit by the merciless earthquake. Yesterday a memorial service was held at city centre attended by community leaders, survivors and friends and families of the deceased. Extensive TV and radio coverage of the service since early morning until evening news as if we were reliving the unfortunate event again.

At 12.51pm, the whole Canterbury remained silent for 2 minutes. Buses pulled over at the road side, supermarket stopped checking out customers' goods, canteen halted serving up food, friends ended gossiping and etc. The world literally stopped functioning for the whole 2 minutes. I have been blessed as I was not badly affected by the quakes. But witnessing the city that I have been living in for the past 3 years crumbling down does ache my heart to certain extent.
It was really depressing to recall such tragedy even though it's been a year. But i guess it's time to stand strong and move on. What doesn't kill you make you stronger. Christchurch will regain its beauty in no time.